Beneficiary Management for all of your Critical Financial Information

Kubera tracks and stores all of your financial data in one place. It gives you a way to designate a beneficiary to pass along accounts, assets, and critical legal documents.

One safe place for your entire financial life.

Sync, store, and track all of your wealth in one place so nothing is ever lost. Kubera is an all-in-one digital vault for all of your accounts, investments, assets, and files. 
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Dead Man's Switch for your financial data.

Keep your financial data safe, secure, and private. Set a named beneficiary who will receive access to your Kubera data and financial assets only when the time comes. 
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Give your beneficiary a full view of your accounts and assets

When the time comes, your beneficiary will receive access to a full accounting of all of the financial accounts, assets, and property you’ve added to your Kubera account. This means they’ll have a full view of your estate—only when necessary.

Transfer important documents and other essentials

You can store all of your financial and estate planning documents, and other critical files. Make sure your beneficiary receives all of the access and information they need.

Secure, automated transfer

Never worry if your family will receive access to your financial data and accounts. With Kubera, configure an automated “Life Beat” workflow to provide access only after an extended periods of inactivity. Before giving access, you’ll receive multiple prompts to which you can respond with just a click to reset the timer.

Create a fall-back Plan

In addition to your primary beneficiary, you can set a contingent beneficiary (or “Trusted Angel”) who will receive access only in the event that your main beneficiary isn’t able to access your account data.
AssetS Tracked
kubera personal
$13.3 Billion
kubera institutional
$3.4 Billion

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Kubera checks all the items required for Bank Grade Security. But more than that, we truly understand that Kubera is storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority. We don't sell your data to show ads. Nor do we peek at it to offer you financial products. Know more
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