All-in-one Client Portal for New Age Financial Advisors

Offer your clients a seamless experience by granting them access to their managed portfolios.
Add your own branding flair to deliver a stylish and up-to-date client experience.
Provide your clients seamless access to their managed portfolios, enhanced by your distinctive branding.
Deliver an elite, contemporary client experience that resonates in the digital age
Track your current net worth, compare it with the past, and see where it's going.
Make better decisions with your money.

Trusted by industry-leading Barron's 100 RIA firms and emerging trailblazers alike.

Legacy financial advisory tools, conceived in a bygone era, feature a cumbersome interface and limited functionality for modern investment strategies. Clients rarely engage with them, often expressing outright disdain.

With Kubera, you can deliver the superior service your clients deserve. Experience a remarkable rise in client engagement, satisfaction, and referrals.

Full stack RIA software

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Best-in-Class Account Aggregation

Kubera partners with several aggregators and data providers, offering unparalleled industry coverage and connectivity. Learn more
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Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Access live data for smarter decision-making.
Customizable dashboard with real-time analytics, charts, and diversification/rebalancing suggestions.
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Planning &
Scenario Modeling

Simulate real-world situations to project future impact on a client's net worth.  Learn More
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Custom Branded Client Portal

Make it your own. Personalize it with your brand and provide a chic, modern client experience.
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Client Billing

Recurring or Ad hoc charges are made easy with the client's card on file. Eliminate the need for pricey billing software. Powered by Stripe.
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Flexible Team
Access Control

Assign specific permissions to team members for secure and efficient management of client portfolios.
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API Access

Effortlessly import client data from Kubera into your existing systems.
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Transparent Pricing

Kubera charges per client, shunning excessive AUM-based fees. Starts at $150/month

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