How Kubera Works

Connect Bank & Brokerage accounts.

Connect your accounts to get the latest values and holdings automatically.

Connect Crypto wallets.

Connect your Crypto Accounts to get the latest values and holdings.

Enter everything else in the table.

If possible, enter cost of your assets as well. If you only know the cost, enter it as value.

Enter any currency. Even crypto codes.

Enter any currency (EUR 100, INR 100) or crypto (BTC 1, ETH 20) and it'll convert to your portfolio currency.

Store important documents.

Safe-keep all important documents along with your financial data.
Safe Deposit Box

Add your Beneficiary.

Ensure safe transfer of the information and files to your beneficiary if you don't login to Kubera for a certain period of time.
Add your Beneficiary

Private & Secure Wealth Trackingchevron_right

Kubera does check all the items required for Bank Grade Security. But more than anything, we truly understand that Kubera is storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority.
No ads. No upselling services.
We make money by charging you a subscription. We don't sell your data to show ads. Nor do we peek at it to offer you wealth management and other financial products.
Track assets, debts & insurance.
Store documents.
Add beneficiary.
Connect Bank, Brokerage & Crypto Accounts to
Get latest values automatically.

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Save $24
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