How Kubera Works

Connect your Bank & Brokerage accounts.

Connect your accounts to get the latest values and holdings automatically.

Show Holdings Outside

Want to track the holdings more closely? Click on 'Show Holdings Outside'.

Add your stock holdings directly.

Brokerage didn't connect? No worries. Do a lookup for the Stock ticker symbols and add them.

Connect Crypto wallets.

Connect your Crypto Accounts to get the latest values and holdings.

Add your crypto holdings.

Wallet didn't Connect? Lookup for your Crypto Coin symbols and add them.

Enter any currency.

Enter any currency (EUR 100, INR 100) in the value fields and it'll convert to your portfolio currency.

Add your home value.

Enter the address or the Zillow URL to get the latest estimated market price (US Only). For non US, just insert a new row and enter the value manually.

Add your cars.

Enter the VIN number to get the latest estimated market price of your vehicles (US & Canada Only). For non US/Canada just insert a new row and enter the estimated value manually.

Add your domains.

Enter your internet domains to get their latest estimated market value.

Enter everything else in the table.

Enter all the assets that can't be 'connected' as manual entries. If possible, enter cost of your assets as well. If you only know the cost, enter it as the value.

Organize them the way you want.

Add, rename and rearrange the sheets. Create sections within the sheets.

See how your net worth grew over time.

Charts show how your net worth and investable changed over time. Also keep a eye on the asset allocation.

See which asset appreciated the most

Click on the 'Day/Week/Month/Year Change Number' to see which asset appreciated the most.

Share your portfolio

Share a read-only link of your portfolio with others – like your Investment Advisor, CPA, Estate Planner, when applying for loans, or with your household.
AssetS Tracked
kubera personal
$13.3 Billion
kubera institutional
$3.4 Billion

Private & Secure Wealth Trackingchevron_right

Kubera checks all the items required for Bank Grade Security. But more than that, we truly understand that Kubera is storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority. We don't sell your data to show ads. Nor do we peek at it to offer you financial products. Know more
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