❤ Kubera Hearts

Get rewarded, simply because you chose Kubera. 'Kubera Hearts' is our no-fuss appreciation program to give back to our customers like you, for just being yourself.

No collecting points. No passing referral codes. You stay classy.

All you have to do is use Kubera and if you’re liking it, recommend it to your friends and followers... 

  1. Did someone recommend Kubera to you? Did you get a friend onboard? Let us know at hello@kubera.com.

    Both of you get an instant $15 credit which will be applied when you subscribe and to the renewals automatically. Go, stack up those credits :-)
  2. Every month we randomly pick a lucky user who will get credits, just for being loyal to us. More chances if you show us some love on Twitter ;-)

Here’s our way to say thank you. 

Much hearts,
Team Kubera