Graffiti wall full of hearts

❤ Kubera Hearts

Get rewarded, simply because you chose Kubera. 'Kubera Hearts' is our no-fuss appreciation program to give back to our customers like you, for just being yourself.

No collecting points. No passing referral codes. You stay classy.

As a customer, all you have to do is to use Kubera and if you’re liking it, recommend it to your friends and followers.

Did you get a friend onboard? Either of you can let us know at
Both of you get $100 worth discount credits* towards your subscription.

Here’s our way to say thank you. 

Much hearts,
Team Kubera

* Following Conditions Apply

- The new user should have already started the $1 trial.
- One can't combine this offer with any another promotional credits campaign by Kubera.
- Kubera reserves the right to deny this offer in its sole discretion at any time due to suspected fraud, misuse, or any other reason.
- Kubera reserves the right to modify the rules of this program in any way or at any time.
- This program is meant for Kubera users who personally refer their friends to use Kubera. Not when they discover Kubera through online/offline ads, news, articles, social media, podcasts and videos.