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The most modern
Portfolio Tracker.

All your assets in one place—traditional & crypto.
Supports global banks, brokerages & currencies.
As simple as a spreadsheet.
Track all your assets—traditional & digital.
Supports global banks & currencies.
As simple as a spreadsheet.
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Track all the assets in your portfolio.

Bank accounts, cash, stocks, crypto, funds, real estate, collectibles, debts, everything.
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Track your global
Bank Accounts, Brokerages & Crypto Wallets.

Kubera uses multiple account aggregators to give you reliable connectivity to thousands of banks, brokerages, and fintech around the world, and all major crypto wallets. The best in the industry. Here's the list.
Connect to Banks, Investment Accounts, Crypto Exchanges & Wallets
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Track assets of any
currency. Even crypto!

Have assets of value in another currency? Have crypto? Kubera instantly shows their value in your home currency using latest exchange rates.
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Dead Man's Switch
for your financial data.

Never worry if your family will receive access to your financial data and accounts in case of an unforeseen event.

Kubera has an automated 'Life Beat Check' that can sense extended periods of account inactivity and send your portfolio to your beneficiary. Before sending, you’ll receive multiple prompts to which you can respond with just a click to reset the timer.
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$1.2 Billion

Private & Secure Wealth Trackingchevron_right

Kubera does check all the items required for Bank Grade Security. But more than anything, we truly understand that Kubera is storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority.
No ads. No upselling services.
We make money by charging you a subscription. We don't sell your data to show ads. Nor do we peek at it to offer you wealth management and other financial products.
Track assets, debts & insurance.
Store documents.
Add beneficiary.
Connect Bank, Brokerage & Crypto Accounts to
Get latest values automatically.

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