Make wealth a part of your family conversations

Most people avoid discussing the details of their wealth with their family as it can get really boring. Especially if they are not very interested in finance and money in general.

Tracking wealth along with your family members can be painful and unsafe too. 

Painful because most bank accounts and brokerages don’t have native multi-user support. Two factor authentication makes it even more nagging and inconvenient. Unsafe because you end up sharing passwords.

Up until Kubera, there hasn’t been one secure place where you could keep all of your financial data - all your assets literally from stocks, bonds and real estate to private investments, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, domain names, cars, boats, planes, heirlooms, (you get the idea) and even debts along with insurance and other important documents. Apart from the functional aspect of it, Kubera shows all this and your up-to-date Net worth in a beautiful and minimal dashboard that you would love to marvel at everyday.

Upgrade to the 'Kubera Family' plan, and you can now invite your household to collaborate on your portfolios. Your family gets access to your account in a secure way with their own username and passwords. Kubera makes wealth simple to understand, interesting and fun for your whole family.

Your loved ones become part of managing the family’s wealth without getting weird. 

Make wealth a part of your family dinner table conversations. Not a secret.

Start teaching financial literacy to your kids at a young age.

Collaborate with your extended team

Not just your family, the 'Kubera Family' plan enables you to share and collaborate with your assistant, advisor, accountant or anyone you trust. They will get full access to all your portfolios and will be able to operate on your behalf.

Ensure the data is not lost in case of an unforeseen event.

Kubera users love the The dead man’s switch feature that allows you to set a beneficiary to whom your data will be sent if you are inactive for a certain number of days and don’t respond to Kubera’s attempts to reach you. Now with your family on Kubera you don’t even need to set a beneficiary separately as it protects your wealth by keeping all your loved ones constantly informed, avoiding stress and anxiety in case of an unfortunate event.

Upgrade to 'Kubera Family'

Head to Kubera Settings > Subscription to upgrade to 'Kubera Family' for $225/year. 

Then head to Settings > Users to add your family members and assistants to get full access to your account and collaborate on all your portfolios.

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