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It is becoming increasingly difficult to track all of your scattered investments.


Your assets are scattered across multiple custodians. It is becoming increasingly complex to keep track of them.

It is no longer just stocks, bonds and real estate spread across multiple places. Assets like crypto, private investments, alternative investments, foreign investments, loans to family/friends, collectibles, precious metals, domain names, trademarks & other digital assets also have need to be tracked.

It's a modern-day net worth tracker designed for people looking for a simple and intuitive user experience.


Kubera helps you organize all your wealth in one place and keep regular track of your net worth in a very simple intuitive way. It also ensures safe transfer of this information to your beneficiary.

  • It’s simple to use - As easy as entering your assets in a spreadsheet. You can organize everything the way you want.
  • Supports all kinds of assets - banks, cash, stocks, bonds, funds, crypto, real estate, art, vehicles, domains, digital assets, everything.
  • Connects to your online accounts - banks, investments & crypto accounts. Gets latest values automatically from thousands of banks, fintech apps, and all major crypto exchanges & wallets.
  • Supports all major currencies - See portfolio in your preferred currency. Enter asset values in any currency and it instantly converts to your preferred portfolio currency using latest exchange rates.
  • Has built-in support for all major cryptocurrencies - just enter the code and quantity in the value field to see the value in your portfolio currency.
  • Has storage for asset related and other important documents.
  • Every update to your asset value is kept in history to go back in time to see how you fared.
  • Has a unique sharing feature that ensures all of this information will be passed on to your beneficiary if something happens to you.

Kubera is the only portfolio tracker that supports Fidelity & Coinbase together


Juggling between multiple portfolio managers to manage your investments is a pain. This is accentuated when you have both traditional and digital assets.

In Kubera, you can track your crypto assets right next to your traditional assets, allowing you to track the latest value of all your assets in your native fiat currency. You can connect thousands of bank and investment accounts across the world and all major crypto exchanges and wallets to Kubera. You can even just enter almost any cryptocurrency code and quantity in the value field (BTC 1, ETH 10) to see their latest value in your native currency.

Kubera is better than Mint, YNAB & Personal Capital, for tracking net worth.


Mint and YNAB are primarily budgeting tools with some net worth tracking thrown in. A budgeting tool is great for young people who are earning a regular paycheck and starting their “grown-up” life with all of the expenses and freedom to spend that comes with it. 

Personal Capital has budgeting and asset tracking features but the company is an online financial advisor that uses both a robo-advisor algorithm and financial advisors. So while you can use Personal Capital’s free tools, the paid aspects will be heavily marketed to you.

Kubera is a modern-day Net Worth Tracker with features designed for this purpose - it’s simple to use, supports all kinds of assets, can link to your online accounts - banks, investments & crypto, supports multiple currency, has storage for related documents and a unique sharing feature to ensure the information gets passed on to your beneficiary if something happens to you.

Mint, YNAB, and Personal Capital are also not equipped to track digital assets like cryptocurrencies. Kubera natively supports all major cryptocurrencies and has the ability to connect to 20+ popular crypto exchanges and wallets to track your digital assets automatically.

Kubera is better than using Excel or Google Sheets, for tracking investments.


On the surface, Excel (or Google sheets) seems like a pretty simple program without much of a learning curve. Just enter the data into rows and columns and you can look it over at any time. Google Sheets has also the advantage of sharing features so others can access the same information if you allow them to. But in order to make the best use of Excel or Google Sheets as a financial planner, you need to learn how to use formulas - from simple summing up to pretty complex ones if you want automatic updates.

Kubera also allows you to quickly enter information into a simple table but you don't have to learn formulas to get your totals and percentages. The rows can be connected to your online banks, investments and crypto accounts to update the numbers and holdings automatically. You can keep related notes and upload documents in context against every row. And finally Kubera has unique sharing features that's designed to ensure this information pass on safely to your beneficiary only if you’re inactive for a certain number of days and don’t respond to Kubera’s attempts to reach you.

Kubera ensures safe transfer of your portfolio to your beneficiary


In Kubera, you can add a Beneficiary e.g., your spouse.

Kubera has a “life beat” check. If you are inactive for a certain number of days and don’t respond to Kubera’s attempts to reach you, a mail with all your information in downloadable format (Excel & ZIP) will be sent to the Beneficiary.

A fall back contact (Trusted Angel), who you trust to help out in difficult times, can also be optionally nominated to receive this mail, in case the Beneficiary fails to respond even after multiple reminders.

Kubera is Private & Secure


We understand that we are storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority.

By design, our business model is “privacy-friendly”. We charge you a subscription so we don’t have any business motivation to sell your information to 3rd parties or for advertising. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

Kubera employs the latest Bank-Level Security practices and industry-leading encryption standards.

Kubera can connect to your online financial accounts for Auto Updates.


Even though you can enter information manually, you can connect to your bank, brokerage and crypto accounts to get the values automatically, keeping it up to date.

Kubera is partnered with Plaid, Yodlee and Zabo to power the online account connections. They are market leaders in financial data aggregation services used by leading FinTech innovators and financial institutions worldwide. They provide only a read-only interface to Kubera; therefore Kubera cannot make any transactions on your behalf. Your financial institution credentials are directly sent from your browser. Kubera servers will never see your bank, brokerage and crypto account credentials.

Kubera is made by a small independent company whose interests are aligned with yours.


Our only intention is to make a great modern solution to track wealth. By design, our business model is “privacy-friendly”. We make money by charging you a subscription. So, we don’t have any business motivation to sell your data to 3rd parties or for advertising. We totally understand that we are storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority.

Kubera is well capitalized. Our founders had two successful exits in 2018 - Webyog (an enterprise database tools company with 35k customers) & CloudMagic (creators of Newton - a popular email app). The team has a proven track record of building multiple companies together and creating beautiful products used by millions.

In the event of Kubera shutting down, we'll let everyone know at least 90 days in advance. We will proactively mail you all data and files in industry standard formats (Excel & ZIP). If you do not download your data even after multiple reminders, it'll be sent to your Beneficiary and finally to your Trusted Angel in case the Beneficiary also fails to respond.

You are Kubera :-)


Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर) is the Lord of Wealth according to Indian mythology. 

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