Truth be told, there are probably more digital money-management tools out there than we can even count. 

And while lots of options and means there’s likely a perfect tool for everyone — it also means many people either settle or give up the search before they find the one that’s just right for them. 

Whether you’re looking for financial advice, want to beef up your budgeting, or need a better view of your overall wealth; in this article we’re going to explore some popular financial tools so you can choose the best one for your needs

The Showdown: Personal Capital vs. Mint vs. Kubera

In the Personal Capital vs. Mint vs. Kubera discussion, your choice will be defined by what you want. Is it financial planning and advice, budgeting help, or all-in-one wealth and asset tracking?

Keep reading to learn the key features that make each of these tools unique so you can choose the one that best aligns with your goals.

Personal Capital: A Financial Planner with (Paid) Financial Advice

Personal Capital: A Financial Planner with (Paid) Financial Advice

Personal Capital Features

With headlines like “Start with our free, powerful financial tools.” and “Get objective advice from our fiduciary financial advisors.” right at the top of the homepage, it’s obvious that Personal Capital is a standard financial aggregation service with a unique focus on providing financial advice. 

Personal Capital offers digital money management features including a net worth overview, a savings planner, automatic budgeting, and a 30-day look at cash flow.

For those interested in longer-term wealth management, there is a financial planning tool, an analyzer to help you see if you’re paying any fees you weren’t aware of, and an educational feature that helps users calculate how much they’ll need to save to reach specific goals or scenarios. 

While there is a free version of Personal Capital, the paid version offers more features, including Personal Capital’s Wealth Management program, in which your investment portfolio is actively managed.

In our research, we found that the paid features including personal financial advice are marketed heavily to users once they sign up for Personal Capital’s free tools. 

Personal Capital’s security features include encryption, access controls, and fraud detection to keep user data safe. 

Summary: While Personal Capital has basic free financial planning tools, it’s probably best for people who are looking to pay for personalized financial advice.

Mint: A Straightforward Budgeting Tool

Mint: A Straightforward Budgeting Tool

Mint Features

Ultimately, Mint is a tool for creating budgets and analyzing spending. It does this by organizing different purchases into categories — which can be created both automatically and manually — to give users an overview of exactly where their money is going. 

Other features include bill payment reminders, credit reporting and monitoring, alerts for unusual spending or overages, portfolio tracking, a tool that catches hidden fees, saving goal creation, and calculators to help budget for large expenditures like houses and loan repayments. 

Mint is equipped to safeguard user data with security scanning during data transfers, multi-factor authentication, and remote deletion. 

Since Mint is free to use and the company generates revenue through advertisements and a cut from the credit cards and other products it recommends; we suggest double-checking all of their recommendations as they have a vested interest beyond just your financial success.  

Summary: Mint is a good basic budgeting platform for people who need help tracking where their money is going and planning for expenses.

Kubera: An All-in-One Tracker for Your Wealth, Important Documents, and More

Kubera Features

Kubera, named for the Lord of Wealth famous in Indian mythology, is a complete wealth management tool that helps users organize and keep track of all of their assets and net worth from a single, easy-to-use platform. 

Kubera is different from Personal Capital, Mint, and many other financial tools on the market because of its focus on monitoring and optimizing net worth across a variety of asset classes. And with support for every major currency, it even serves individuals with investments that span continents.

Kubera is as easy to use as any spreadsheet and allows you to connect your bank, brokerage and cryptocurrency accounts (see what we connect to here!) as well as enter your traditional wealth assets (investments, debts, etc.), physical assets (jewelry, art, etc.), and even digital assets (domain names, trademarks, etc.). 

We’ve also integrated with leading asset experts (such as Zillow in the U.S.) to feed your Kubera dashboard with the most up-to-date value of your homes, vehicles, and web domains. 

Invested in the traditional or alternative market? Then you’ll love our tickers for individual stocks and cryptocurrencies. Add tickers to your Kubera dashboard so you can watch the markets and always make a smart buying or selling decision.

Want to check out all your investments — and how they impact your net worth — at a glance? With Kubera’s charts you can. Kubera’s beautifully-designed charts and visual analysis features enable you to track investment performance, asset allocation, and changes in net worth in real-time. 

What also sets Kubera apart is its unique beneficiary management feature that ensures the safe transfer of your entire portfolio of assets, financial information, and important legal documents to a designated beneficiary.  

In addition, Kubera employs bank-level security, cutting-edge encryption practices, and is working on implementing two-factor authentication. We also keep your banking and crypto credentials safe using industry-leading third-party financial account aggregator services.

Sign up for your monthly Kubera subscription right now or save some money with our affordable yearly membership. Or, click here to learn how you can access Kubera for free!

Summary: Kubera is the best all-in-one wealth management tool for high-net-worth individuals, global citizens, cryptocurrency investors, and anyone else who is interested in tracking all their wealth assets, financial information, and even legal documents in a single, safe place.

Kubera: The Modern-day Wealth Tracker

While each of these tools offers their own features, Kubera is the only app that's built from the ground up to meet the needs of today's modern investor.

With built-in support for nearly any account, currency, asset, or heirloom, Kubera is the all-in-one tool for tracking, managing, and protecting your wealth. It's the clear choice.

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