The California Gold Rush of the 1850s saw hundreds of thousands of people flock to California to try their luck at finding the precious metal. 

And now, nearly 50 million Americans own at least one share of another (digital) “precious metal” — the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. 

A new rush to riches is upon us. But unlike the original Gold Rush, this one may actually be sustainable.  

But that’s only if it meets one very important condition. 

It has to be easy for individual investors and financial professionals to participate in the crypto market.

And this is what makes crypto asset management tools absolutely key in today’s financial space. 

Keep reading to learn why and how you should get in on crypto asset management today.

What Does Crypto Asset Management Mean? 

Asset management is a practice as old as investing. Asset management is all about monitoring, buying, and selling investments in order to optimize portfolio diversification, balance out risk, and/or increase the return a portfolio is generating.   

Crypto asset management is simply the process of applying this same exercise to digital assets that live on blockchain technology — think digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, DeFi coins, NFTs, and so on. 

Using asset management tools that are capable of handling a variety of digital assets has become a necessity for modern investors, as well as the financial pros that help them.   

Exploring Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools

A crypto asset management tool is exactly what it sounds like — a software platform that helps crypto investors and/or financial professionals manage various crypto assets. 

Typically, these kinds of tools enable users to tie in multiple crypto accounts and wallets so that they can easily keep an eye on all of their cryptocurrency holdings using a single dashboard.  

In addition, many also have charts and analytical features that give users insights into the performance of their investments, helping them make informed decisions. 

Crypto trackers and fully-featured wealth trackers with crypto asset management capabilities give everyone from first-timers to widely diversified investors the help they need to dive right into crypto, helping sustain the overall health and growth of the crypto market. It’s a perfect embodiment of the phrase “A rising tide lifts all boats.” 

Why Is Crypto Asset Management All the Rage Right Now? 

Simply put, crypto asset management is blowing up because crypto is. 

From powerhouse brands investing in crypto to major financial institutions getting on board, crypto is going mainstream

Learning the intricacies of cryptocurrency and figuring out the process of investing can take a lot of work for new investors. Add to that the struggle of checking multiple crypto exchange accounts and wallets every day and it’s enough to cause anyone with more than a few crypto assets to stall out on their investment goals.

Crypto asset management is rising in popularity and importance because it turns what can be an overwhelming endeavor into an achievable mission that helps investors meet their true potential.

Why Should Retail Investors Use Crypto Asset Management Tools? 

There are myriad reasons every day investors with more than a handful of crypto assets should also invest in crypto asset management tools.  

Maximize the Value of Your Crypto Investments

If you’re one of those people to whom “out of sight, out of mind” applies, then adopting a crypto asset management solution should be high on your to-do list. 

With a clear view of all your crypto assets laid out in front of you, it’s easier to understand where your investments stand and what changes you can make to optimize them and move them toward your goals. 

Make and Monitor Progress Toward Your Goals 

Speaking of moving toward goals — the key word there is “moving.” 

Simply having crypto investments isn’t as important as actively working with them to make sure they’re moving, aka growing, in the right direction.  

A crypto asset management tool that shows you how your portfolio is shifting over time can give you valuable information about which assets to hold and which to trade out to make sure you’re progressing on your financial objectives. 

Make and Monitor Progress Toward Your Goals 

Ensure High-Quality Diversification 

Portfolio diversification is a golden rule in the investment world, especially when dabbling in high-volatility assets like cryptocurrency. However, it’s all too easy to shy away from varied, ongoing diversification efforts when you feel totally overwhelmed by all the things going on with your portfolio. 

Again, the insight that a crypto asset management platform provides is pivotal. With a clear overview of the different types of coins you’re holding, you’ll be able to make wise and diverse investment decisions that balance and protect your wealth in a meaningful way. 

Better Understand the Health of Your Wealth 

Tracking net worth can help you understand the overall health of your wealth. And since it requires you to understand how the value of everything you owe compares to the value of everything you own, it gets harder to calculate as your portfolio becomes larger and more diverse. A crypto asset management tool that tracks the value of your crypto is essential to getting a clear number that you can add to your asset pool when calculating your net worth.

Why Do Financial Professionals Need Crypto Asset Management Software?

It’s pretty easy to see how individual investors can really benefit from finding the right crypto asset management tools. But what about the fund managers, the CPAs, and the rest of the vast variety of financial advisors who serve these types of investors? Here’s why it’s just as important for financial pros to get on the crypto asset management train.

Chances Are Your Clients Are Already Interested in Crypto

The truth is, your financial advisement clients are probably already into crypto. 

In fact, a survey by Bitwise and ETF Trends found that the majority of advisors have fielded client questions about crypto. And it also uncovered an even juicier fact — over 70% of advisors said they suspect their clients are already dabbling in crypto without them!

If you want to outpace your competitors, right now is the time to invest in a crypto asset management platform that you can offer to clients to help them achieve success in the crypto space.

over 70% of advisors said they suspect their clients are already dabbling in crypto

Traditional Financial Management Tools Weren’t Built for Today’s User Expectations

The field of investing has evolved, so shouldn’t the experience you provide for your clients? 

Traditional portfolio manager software, for the most part, is a bit too underpowered and slow to handle the diverse investments and speed that modern investors want to work with. 

But with a modern crypto asset management platform — especially one that also helps you manage other types of assets (more on that in the next section!) — you can provide the fast, accurate, and modern experience that today’s clients crave.

Better Protect the Security of Your Clients’ Crypto Assets

As a mostly unregulated, highly decentralized, and fully digital asset class — cryptocurrency requires a bit more thought when it comes to keeping client assets secure. 

Using an asset management software that’s built specifically for managing crypto is a great place to start when it comes to protecting client investments from outside threats.

And in addition to adopting the right software, we also strongly recommend you take further safety steps like securing your workplace internet connection, using a firewall, implementing multi-factor authentication wherever possible, and consulting with a cybersecurity professional.

Take a Peek Inside Kubera: Today’s Most Complete Crypto Asset Management Software for Investors and Advisors

Remember how we promised we’d introduce you to a crypto asset management platform that actually goes beyond just crypto to help investors and advisors manage a plethora of other assets? 

Welcome to Kubera. 

Kubera is a true all-in-one wealth tracker for monitoring and managing almost any asset you can imagine, from cash to collectibles, real estate, stocks, crypto coins, and even DeFi assets

How do we do it? Kubera’s web app operates on a sophisticated, custom architecture that we built to enable the Kubera dashboard to connect to crypto exchanges as well as brokerages, banks, and other institutions all over the globe (see some of the organizations we work with here).

Kubera supports many popular exchanges and wallets, such as Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. With Kubera, investors can also monitor digital wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Hardware wallet users can connect wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

In addition to our automated connectivity with all kinds of accounts, we also integrate with some of the top asset experts like EstiBot and Zillow. All you have to do is add your real estate, vehicle, and domain investments to your Kubera dashboard to get a real-time valuation of your investments. 

And if you have any brokerage or crypto accounts that didn’t automatically connect with your Kubera account for any reason, our special ticker feature is here to save the day! Just look up the ticker for your stocks and/or crypto coins and add those to your Kubera dashboard to see those assets right alongside the rest of your portfolio. 

kubera stocks and coins

Of course, no crypto asset management platform would be complete without charts that help investors and advisors visualize holdings. 

That’s why Kubera includes beautiful charts and analytics features that help users get an overview of their asset allocation and net worth so they can make smart decisions when it comes to diversifying, investing, and even divesting.

Kubera is crypto asset management (and beyond!) built for the 21st century. 

See it for yourself today. 

Investors can subscribe to Kubera’s affordable plan to finally get a clear picture of your finances. 

And financial advisors, wealth managers, and other financial pros can sign up for Kubera’s white-label option to finally start providing the modern financial management experience your clients will love.

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