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Are you a new-age Financial Advisor or Fund Manager?
Personalize and roll out the Kubera Portfolio Tracker to your clients.

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What is it?

Kubera is a Portfolio Tracker made for the 21st century. You can personalize it with your brand and roll it out to your clients as your client portal.

Who is it for?

Kubera is designed for the modern investor, like your clients. It's a simple and modern way to track one's portfolio and net worth.

The current RIA tools were made in a different day and age and designed for the advisor's needs, and not the client’s. Your clients need something simpler to understand their wealth.

What assets does it support?

Just about everything – Savings, Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Real Estate, Precious metals, Digital assets, Vehicles, Private Investments, Collectibles, DeFi (Coming Soon) and more.

Your client’s complete net worth includes many assets other than the assets under your management. When your clients use a modern tool like Kubera, they will be motivated to enter everything and keep it up to date. You will always see their accurate financial snapshot. You will be able to give them better advice.

Kubera is one simple portfolio tracker for your clients;
One smart move for your business.

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