Financial Advisor Client Portal Software for Modern CFPs, RIAs, & Wealth Managers

Personalize and roll out the Kubera Portfolio Tracker to your clients.
Provide Modern & Effortless Portfolio Management for Millennials, Gen Z & Tech-savvy Clients.

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The Financial Advisor Client Portal for the Modern Era

Kubera is a Portfolio Tracker made for the 21st century. Built to help clients manage a diversified portfolio of cash, collectibles, brokerage accounts, cryptocurrencies, and whatever alternative asset classes that may pop up tomorrow.

Personalize it with your brand and roll out a sleek and modern client experience.

Built for Modern Investors and the Financial Advisors who Serve Them

Investing has evolved. So have financial services.

Kubera is designed for the modern investor, like your clients. It's a simple and modern way to track your entire portfolio and net worth.

Legacy financial advisor tools were made in a different day and age and designed for the advisor's needs—not the client’s. Your clients need a simple, modern portal for tracking and managing their wealth.

Every Asset. One Financial Advisor Client Portal.

In the world of modern portfolio management, your clients have a truly diversified and diversifying range of assets. 

Kubera lets them track it all.

Savings, stocks, crypto, forex, real estate, precious metals, digital assets, vehicles, private investments, collectibles, DeFi (coming soon), and whatever else they want to own—you can help them manage.

Get the most complete and accurate picture of your client’s finances so you can make better and more informed decisions together.

Kubera is one simple portfolio tracker for your clients;
One smart move for your business.

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