Now more than ever, people are becoming global citizens.

Today, it’s not so strange to work in one country, own a home in another, and count your money in the currency of yet another.

Unfortunately, many of our current systems can’t keep up with these world travelers — including traditional financial tools.

In this article, we’ll talk about why many popular wealth management platforms — Personal Capital included — can’t serve a global audience and the many features that make Kubera the ideal Personal Capital alternative from India to Australia, the U.K., Singapore, and many places in between.

Personal Capital: U.S.-Based Wealth Management Platform

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a finance app that helps its users manage U.S.-only financial assets and accounts.

In its free tier, users can view many of their traditional assets in one place, track net worth, do some budgeting, take advantage of savings and retirement planners, use their investment checkup to re-assess risk and allocation, and more.

But once users are locked into this free tier is when Personal Capital’s real goal comes to light: upgrading them to their paid tier.

This other side of Personal Capital is all about hands-on investment services, from portfolio personalization and guidance to 401K administration, private client advisory services, custom investment strategy, and more — all powered by investment advisors as well as their robo-advisor technology.

You must have more than $100,000 in assets in Personal Capital before you can reach this tier. Management fees start around 0.89% of assets under management (AUM) until assets grow to $1 million, then may drop as low as 0.49% after that.

It’s this high cost plus their laser-focus on white-glove service that makes Personal Capital ideal for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) who are not interested in DIY investing.

Another group Personal Capital it isn’t for?

Everyone outside the U.S.


Because Personal Capital only supports U.S. financial institutions, U.S. markets, U.S. dollars, and U.S. phone numbers.

Let’s talk about why.

Can I Use Personal Capital in India? (Nope!)

How financial app aggregators work

Of course you know by now that the short answer is no — Personal Capital can’t be used in India.

Not effectively, anyway. While you can access your Personal Capital portal from anywhere, you can’t do much with it unless your currency, bank accounts, and everything else are all U.S.-based.

The holdup comes down to technology.

The banks and other financial institutions we use are all created using different technologies.

In order to work with all these various technologies, Personal Capital — and tons of other tools in the personal finance space — rely on financial aggregators.

A lack of variety in aggregators is why Personal Capital and other traditional financial planning platforms don’t work with institutions from around the world.

What today’s global citizens need is modern software that empowers them to monitor and manage assets no matter what they look like or where they come from.

Which is what we created when we built Kubera.

Use Kubera: The Best Personal Capital Alternative for India and the World

Kubera: The best Personal Capital alternative for India and the world

Kubera is modern, personal balance sheet software loved by entrepreneur Kevin Rose and hundreds of others.

What makes Kubera so special?

Kubera is for everyone, everywhere.

Need a single place to monitor traditional and digital assets alike? Kubera.

Looking for insight into returns on your global array of assets? Kubera can do that.

Want to track your net worth? Kubera saves the day, yet again.

At Kubera, our goal is to keep improving on our platform so the growing number of global citizens with accounts and assets around the world have a central place for tracking it all.

5 Features That Make Kubera the Only Wealth Tracker for Global Investors

Here are the features making Kubera’s mission a reality.

1. Robust Aggregator Infrastructure

First and foremost, we've invested countless hours developing a bespoke infrastructure that relies on multiple aggregators to connect to thousands of banks, brokerage accounts, crypto wallets, and other financial institutions all over the world.

That means, with Kubera, you have the ability to monitor those valuable accounts that you would not be able to using Personal Capital or another U.S.-focused product.

2. Tracking for Traditional and Digital Assets on One Dashboard

Like Personal Capital, Kubera can connect to and track traditional financial accounts and assets. But unlike Personal Capital, Kubera is also powerful enough to connect with digital assets and other alternative assets.

Cryptocurrency and DeFi, NFTs, real estate, mutual funds and other investment accounts, collectible investments like jewelry and physical art, credit cards, heirlooms, banking and checking accounts, vehicles, and more. If you can own it, you can track it from your Kubera dashboard. Account-based assets refresh automatically while others can be updated quickly from Kubera’s easy-to-use interface.

In addition, stock tickers, crypto tickers, and our custom integration with specific asset experts such as Zillow go above and beyond to ensure you’re always aware of the value and performance of your various investments.

Monitor the value of stocks and crypto coins with Kubera's unique tickers

3. Portfolio Performance and Change at a Glance

Speaking of performance, Kubera also has a custom calculator that can find IRR for investments using just asset value, original price, cash flow, and holding time.

IRR — internal rate of return — is a more robust form of ROI that will show you whether you’ve made a profit on your original investment.

Not only does Kubera display IRR in your preferred currency, it also shows it alongside popular benchmarks. With this information, global citizens can understand asset performance no matter where the asset was acquired — and how the asset ultimately fits into their portfolio and financial goals.

Kubera calculates and benchmarks IRR for maximum transparency

For even more performance reporting, head over to Kubera's Recap screen. Here, the platform automatically crunches all of the data in your portfolio to show changes in net worth, asset allocation, and asset value — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

4. See Values in Your Preferred Currency 

Something else we realized was important for global citizens is the ability to see your assets in your currency of choice.

Just set your preferred currency for each portfolio — yes you can have multiple in Kubera! — and the software will automatically convert values into that currency using the latest exchange rates.

Learn more about Kubera’s role as the best multi-currency portfolio tracker

Kubera automatically and accurately converts currency

5. Protecting Your Data, Always

Another problem with Personal Capital and similar products on the market?

Personal Capital isn’t as free as it claims to be.

While you may not be paying monetarily for some of its offerings, you’re paying in annoying upsells and access to your data — which often gets sold for advertising purposes.

At Kubera, we don’t do those things to make money. We deploy heavy-duty security to keep your data safe. And since we don’t sell it, we instead sell a modestly-priced subscription to keep our doors open.

Trade In Personal Capital for Kubera Today

Kubera is the only investment management solution empowering people in the U.S., India, the European Union, Singapore, and many more places to take control of their financial life and improve their financial situation.

In fact, thousands of global citizens use Kubera to track assets worth over $20 billion.

Will you join their ranks?

It’s easy to upgrade from Personal Capital by signing up for your Kubera subscription today. Not only are we available globally, you can use Kubera on desktop as well as iOS and Android devices.

Or, share our white-label solution with your financial advisor to access the best Kubera has to offer via their client portal.

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