Whether you’re an immigrant or own assets in a foreign country, keeping track of your investments is probably more tedious and time-consuming for you than most. 

With traditional portfolio trackers, getting the complete picture involves spending your valuable time manually converting currency, creating and monitoring spreadsheets, juggling multiple online accounts, and a lot more.

And exchange rate fluctuations just make this harder and stress you out as they cause you to lose track of your portfolio every time they shift.

But that’s not the case with Kubera, the only multi currency portfolio tracker.

Kubera natively supports multiple currencies, including cryptocurrency.

With Kubera, you can easily keep track of all your wealth in a currency that is familiar to you. And, you know exactly how exchange rate fluctuations affect your wealth. You can clearly see the big picture, which empowers you to make better choices.

View your wealth in a currency that is native to you and help your brain make better financial decisions with Kubera. 

Here’s how.

How to Take Advantage of Kubera’s Best Multi Currency Portfolio Tracker Features 

Whether your assets are foreign or you’re simply into alternative investments — it shouldn’t be harder for you to keep track of your portfolio than it is for everyone else!  

Whatever the reason you need a well-equipped multi currency portfolio tracker, here are all the ways we built Kubera to help you. 

Automatically Convert Currency

One of the first things you might notice about Kubera is that your portfolio can be set to your preferred currency. Let’s call it your “portfolio currency.” By default, the cost and value you enter are saved in your portfolio currency.

However, if you have assets in other countries and currencies, Kubera makes it easy to track them as well!

All you need to do is enter foreign currencies with their specific currency code (USD 100, EUR 100, INR 100, AUD 100, etc.). Kubera automatically converts this value to your portfolio currency based on the latest exchange rates — while also keeping the original value intact.

So for example, if your portfolio currency is in U.S. dollars but you also want to track a bank account with 750 euros in it, you would enter “EUR 750” in the value field when adding it to your Kubera portfolio. Like magic, you will see the number be automatically converted into your portfolio currency, U.S. dollars.

Manage Foreign Exchange Holdings

If you have holdings in the foreign exchange (or forex) market — as many of us on the Kubera team do — you know that being able to see the up-to-date value of your forex assets in your preferred currency is a game-changer.

That’s why we built this capability into Kubera!  

Let’s say your Kubera portfolio currency is set to INR (Indian rupees) and you also have 1,000 U.S. dollars you want to track. With Kubera, you can just enter “USD 1000” in the value field and the amount you paid for it in Indian rupees in the cost field (e.g., “INR 75000”). Kubera’s multi currency portfolio tracker will automatically convert the USD into INR.

From then on, the value of your dollars will be shown in Indian rupees — and will always be up to date based on the latest exchange rate.

Change Your Portfolio Currency At Any Time

As a multi currency portfolio tracker, Kubera makes it exceptionally easy to switch your preferred portfolio currency at any time. 

If you need a fresh perspective of your wealth for any reason, simply switch your portfolio currency back and forth between the many popular currencies we support. 

Monitor Multiple Portfolios

In addition to making it easy to change your portfolio currency, we also support investors who want to change things up with multiple portfolios. 

If you prefer to be able to track multiple different portfolios — such as one for each different currency or maybe even one for each different asset type — Kubera is easy for you to mold to fit your unique needs. 

Even Track Your Different Crypto Investments

Crypto can be a valuable part of a well-rounded investment portfolio. 

As such, we’ve made sure Kubera is the best multi currency portfolio tracker for modern investors who are taking more and more of their assets digital. 

From our integrations with leading crypto exchanges and wallets (check ‘em out here) to our crypto coin ticker (see it in action here), our commitment to security, and the inclusion of cryptocurrency in our automated currency conversion feature — Kubera is the only portfolio tracker that prioritizes the same modern assets like you do. 

In fact, you can read this guide right now to learn how to set up your Kubera portfolio to start tracking crypto in just minutes.

Control All Your Assets and Accounts with Kubera: The Best Multi Currency Portfolio Tracker

In modern personal finance, diversification is essential

Having a well-researched and well-invested multi currency portfolio can both decrease your risk of loss and increase your returns. However, one main hurdle to creating a perfectly diverse portfolio is being unable to track all your assets on familiar ground.

Kubera has got your back there.

In addition to helping you manage assets in multiple currencies, Kubera also connects to 10K+ financial institutions (of which we have a mega list here!) to automatically fetch your asset information from various financial accounts around the world.

These features are what make Kubera the singular portfolio tracker from which you can monitor and manage all your diverse wealth assets and even keep track of your overall net worth. 

If you’re ready for a better multi currency portfolio tracker, sign up for a Kubera subscription today.

Or, if you’re a financial professional — or work closely with one to manage your modern investment portfolio — Kubera has a new white-label solution built just for you. 

Learn about white labeling with Kubera or contact us at hello@kubera.com for more information and a free demonstration.