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Our B2B White-Label Solution allows you to roll out Kubera to your clients.
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Are any of the following true?


You want to offer your clients a simple and modern way to track their net worth as part of your services. But most products out there are clunky.


Your clients despise the client portal that you have now given them to track their investments. They never use it and instead maintain a parallel spreadsheet. You send them updated portfolio PDF/Excel statements.


Your current RIA tools don't support modern alternatives like crypto, forex, precious metals, etc. It’s a pain to collate balances from different crypto exchanges and wallets to keep a track of them. You need to manually gather the data for reporting.


You only have visibility to the assets that you manage. Your client’s complete net worth includes many assets other than the assets under your management. You don’t have an accurate big picture of the client’s net worth. This creates a lot of back and forth.

Then you need to give them Kubera.


The current RIA tools were made in a different day and age and designed for your needs, and not your client’s. Your clients need something simpler to understand their wealth. Kubera is simple to use and is designed for regular investors like your clients.


Your client’s complete net worth includes many assets other than the assets under your management. When your client uses a modern tool like Kubera, they will be motivated to enter everything and keep it up to date. You will always see their accurate financial snapshot. You will be able to give them better advice.


Kubera has good support for Crypto. Your Clients can connect and track their Exchanges and Wallet balances and you will get them collated as reports. It’s a win-win. Needless to say, Kubera supports all kinds of assets - Banks, Brokerages, Stocks, Bonds, Forex, Precious metals, Real estate, Vehicles, Private Investment and Crypto.

Kubera is one simple portfolio tracker for your clients,
one smart move for your business.

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