Although it’s still a relatively new asset in the financial sphere, alternative investors and traditional investors alike can see how quickly cryptocurrency is going mainstream

With organizations like payment services providers and traditional banks entering the crypto space, it’s only a matter of time until cryptocurrency cements itself as a permanent element of every smart investor’s portfolio.

But what does that mean when it comes to keeping track of your own growing portfolio of different investment types?

For investors who use the more popular, traditional investment portfolio trackers on the market, it doesn’t look good. 

If you aren’t sure that you really need a dashboard where you can clearly view all your accounts — from bank accounts to crypto accounts and beyond — keep reading to learn more about: 

  • Why every investor really needs to track their crypto accounts
  • Key reasons the current popular portfolio trackers aren’t up to this complex task
  • The best modern solution for tracking all your crypto, brokerage, bank, and other financial accounts in one place

Why You Need a Modern Portfolio Tracker to Manage Your Crypto Account

A modern portfolio tracker that’s able to keep up with all of your financial accounts is key to successful wealth management. 


Because a portfolio tracker connects all your various accounts and pulls in the information required to provide you with a thorough review of your general financial health, an overview of your different assets, and a picture of the progress you’re making on the financial goals you’ve set for your assets. 

And a modern portfolio tracker will go a step further by enabling you to integrate your various crypto wallets and exchanges and automating conversions so you can view the value of your cryptocurrency investments in real-time.

Why is this kind of modern portfolio tracker vital for today’s diverse crypto investors?

Because the right portfolio tracker will empower you to work with up-to-the-moment financial data from all of your accounts to generate effective reports, forecasts, and plans for moving your financial goals forward. 

The Problem With Tracking Crypto Investments Using Today’s Popular Portfolio Tools

It’s not that all of the big portfolio trackers and dashboards on the market are inherently bad. The problem is that most of them have a fatal flaw — or a combination of several — that makes them ill-prepared for the crypto-focused reality toward which most modern investors are moving. 

What are the flaws that mainstream dashboards have in common? 

Let us tell you about some of the ones we see most often so you know what to look out for when you’re choosing your new portfolio tracker.

Lackluster Crypto Integration Capabilities

A wealth tracking dashboard with all the features in the world still won’t be of much use to you if it can’t connect with all your crypto, stock market, bank, and other account types. 

The problem with many of the popular portfolio trackers today is that they typically only partner with one or maybe two financial app aggregators and call it a day. 

A financial app aggregator is what enables a portfolio tracking app to pull in data from various different financial institutions and accounts and display it on one single dashboard. 

These aggregators are typically built to work in certain countries with certain currencies and financial institutions. That’s why the more aggregators a portfolio tracker works with, the more diverse account and asset types — such as cryptocurrency — the tracker will be able to help you monitor and manage. 

Instead of spending resources on a variety of aggregators to prepare for the increasingly-diverse future of investment portfolios, most of today’s portfolio tracking software providers are only invested in aggregators that serve their current users in their current target market. 

how financial app aggregators work

Inability to View Crypto as Part of Your Net Worth (Or in Your Preferred Currency)

Even when a portfolio tracking app does happen to integrate with the crypto account you use, is it still worth using if the value of your crypto isn’t counted toward your overall net worth? 

Crypto is especially hard for larger portfolio trackers to handle because while it’s a relatively new asset type there are already thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Just like fiat money, the value of each of these cryptocurrencies is fluctuating constantly. But unlike the stock market, cryptocurrency is trading all day, every day. 

Simply put, it’s plain hard to keep track of the value of crypto at any given time if you’re using technology that was developed well before the idea of digital currency. And as a result, it’s also hard for these more traditional tools to display the real-time value of your crypto investment in your preferred currency. 

If getting an accurate portrayal of the value of your crypto in your preferred currency or seeing how crypto impacts your net worth in real-time is a priority for you, you’re going to want to keep reading to see the modern investment dashboard we recommend. 

Dangerously Outdated Security Measures

Cryptocurrency is managed by a decentralized network called “blockchain” that isn’t regulated by any financial institution. 

Crypto is set up this way to promote more democratic and failure-proof usage compared to traditional currency and other assets. However, it also means crypto transactions are almost impossible to track or to stop once they’re in motion. 

What this means is that financial management apps really need to make sure their security is up to par to protect their users who want to integrate their crypto accounts.

In addition to security measures such as encryption and two-factor authentication, the same third-party aggregators we mentioned above are helpful for preventing hacks by processing user credentials instead of the financial app accessing and storing these credentials themselves.

Meet the Modern Dashboard for Tracking Crypto, Brokerage, Bank, and Other Financial Accounts

Keeping your portfolio balanced and diversified is key to managing your wealth and keeping it in a healthy state. 

And when it comes to diversification, there are few options as good as the fastest-growing alternative asset available today — cryptocurrency. 

Unfortunately, none of the large financial dashboards on the market are prepared to help you in this new reality. 

That’s why we built Kubera  — the only all-in-one financial dashboard that’s constantly being improved to fit today’s modern wealth tracking wants and needs. 

Kubera helps investors keep up in the real world where the only constant is the fact that asset classes and financial accounts will continue to change

Keep reading to learn about all the features we built to help modern investors like you (and like ourselves!) easily monitor and manage every single crypto, brokerage, bank, and any other type of financial account of which you want to keep track.

Connect Crypto Alongside Banking, Brokerage, and Other Accounts to Kubera’s Dashboard

The key thing that sets Kubera apart from the popular yet less modern portfolio trackers is our custom-built infrastructure that integrates with several financial aggregators and therefore thousands of financial institutions around the world (see a list of ‘em here).

These aggregators plus our easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like dashboard mean that you can connect almost any type of crypto, brokerage, bank, or other financial account in just a few clicks.

And Kubera’s market tickers enable you to keep an eye on the leading individual stocks or cryptocurrencies so you can make wise investments.

Then, Connect Your Other Assets to Get a Full Picture of Your Portfolio

Once your accounts are connected and automatically updating inside Kubera, you can also use our uniquely flexible fields to add almost any kind of asset — from valuable artwork to buildings, furniture, businesses, and anything else you own. 

All you have to do is plug these assets in and estimate their value to see how they play into your overall net worth.

When it comes to homes, vehicles, or web domains specifically, Kubera integrates with asset experts (such as Zillow in the U.S.) to feed your dashboard with real-time market data about their value.

And you can see it all at a glance with Kubera’s beautifully-designed charts and visual analysis features that show you how your investments are performing, how your asset allocation is doing, and how your net worth is growing.

Track Your Net Worth in Real-Time with Kubera’s Automated Currency Conversions (Including Crypto!) 

We built Kubera for the growing population of global citizens like ourselves with different types of investments in different currencies from all over the world. 

That’s why we support most global currencies and are always working to add more. With Kubera, you can input your investments in USDs, Yens, Euros, and beyond; choose your preferred currency; and see the value of your entire portfolio in real-time with our automated currency conversion capability. This includes accurate, up-to-the-minute balances of the crypto wallets and exchange accounts you connect to Kubera. Alternatively, you can add just your coins instead of your crypto account(s) to Kubera to track their value in your preferred currency. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Kubera’s Security Features and “Privacy-First” Business Model

The final features that put Kubera ahead of the competition when it comes to monitoring and managing cryptocurrency, stocks, bank accounts, physical assets, and more are our security and privacy measures. 

First, Kubera’s bank-level security includes cutting-edge encryption capabilities, two-factor authentication, and partnerships with trustworthy financial app aggregators that keep our customers’ credentials safe and sound against outside threats. 

Then there’s our safe deposit box where you can store sensitive financial data and documents such as trusts and wills. In coordination with our beneficiary management feature that allows you to name an heir who will get access to your safe deposit box and financial portfolio when you can no longer manage them, your assets will stay safe even when it’s time to change hands.

Finally, there’s the feature that makes Kubera the most privacy-forward of all of the financial tracking and management apps. Kubera isn’t free because we charge an affordable subscription fee. This is how we stay in business without selling your personal data or selling you incessant ads the way most “free” financial apps do.

Ready to see what it’s like to work with a modern portfolio tracker that enables you to securely and easily monitor and manage your crypto, brokerage, bank, and other accounts all in one place? 

Then sign up for your Kubera subscription.

If you’re a financial professional or want to work with Kubera alongside your financial professional, contact the Kubera team at to learn about our white-label solution

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