Despite volatility in the crypto space — and across the entire economy for that matter! — the digital currency seems like it’s here to stay. 

From wider institutional adoption to notions of government regulation to predictions of long-term Bitcoin growth, the future of cryptocurrency isn’t all doom and gloom. 

So don’t go selling off your holdings just yet. Instead, let us help you find a way to track crypto right alongside the rest of your portfolio to make your money management efforts go twice as far. 

We’ll start by covering a tool many crypto investors have heard of — Wealthica — before talking about an equally-powerful alternative for those who require another option.

Wealthica: A Growing Platform for Your Financial Life 

The Wealthica portfolio tracker, owned by the privately-held Wealthica Financial Technology Inc., is a dashboard that aims to give investors insight into their financial situations. Between this dashboard and its cryptocurrency-focused application programming interface (API) called Vezgo, the company tracks over $18 billion in assets across 200+ institutions for more than 50,000 users.

According to its website, the Wealthica platform aims to simplify its users’ financial lives by tracking tons of different holdings and accounts in one, single place.  

But that’s what they all say, right? 

To help you decide if Wealthica is the right tool for crypto asset management as well as monitoring the rest of your portfolio side-by-side, read on as we explore its features. 

Notable Wealthica Features

Wondering what makes Wealthica a platform worth considering when it comes to tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio and beyond? 

Here are some of its more outstanding attributes. 

Portfolio Tracking 

Of course, the most important characteristic of Wealthica is its wide-ranging portfolio tracker!  

Wealthica connects to hundreds of financial institutions. This is what enables it to automatically track assets ranging from bank accounts to crypto holdings, ETFs, stocks, private investments, dividends, and more. This is how Wealthica provides insight into elements like net worth change, portfolio growth, and transactions. With Wealthica, you can also run reports based on all this input, and even share your entire portfolio with your advisor. 

Crypto API 

Now let’s talk more about that Vezgo API we mentioned earlier.

Launched in summer of 2021, this API is what allows Wealthica to connect with crypto institutions and expand its tracking abilities. 

Thanks to this API, crypto investors can connect Wealthica to multiple crypto wallets and exchanges including Coinsquare, Coinbase, Wealthsimple Crypto, Newton, Kraken, Binance, Shakepay, Gemini, NDAX, Ledger, and more. 


Wealthica offers something a lot of portfolio trackers don’t — budgeting capabilities. 

Investors can use the dashboard to categorize and track income and transactions every month. This gives users insight into their spending habits so they can better set goals around large purchases or regular debt repayments.

Digital Mortgages 

Another unique feature is Wealthica’s digital mortgage portal. 

Through Wealthica, users can apply for a mortgage online or digitally meet with an advisor who has connections to various mortgage lenders. The platform offers low rates and no hidden fees for Canadian (more on that later!) home shoppers. 

Spreadsheet Integrations 

One of the last interesting features of Wealthica is its spreadsheet integration.  

Wealthica can be synced with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel documents for people who prefer to view their finances — or have their financial professionals view their finances — in spreadsheet format.

Why You Might Need a Wealthica Alternative

Despite having some very special capabilities, there are a few reasons why investors may prefer a Wealthica alternative

What are those reasons?

Allow us to elaborate. 

Doesn’t Work for Global Investors

The absolute biggest downfall of Wealthica is its Canada-centric viewpoint.

Many of its features are only available to Canadian citizens. For example, the platform prioritizes Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, the mortgage functionality only serves Canadian citizens, and its ability to connect with even U.S. financial institutions is still in Beta.

Confusing Add Ons and Pricing

Wealthica has three different pricing tiers, all with a different combination of features available to subscribers. While that’s not ideal, it’s also not ridiculous. 

However, it gets more confusing as you see the features that are limited to a certain number of users or available for an extra fee each month.

Then there are what they call “Power Ups.” These are kind of like apps within Wealthica that have to be turned on to use inside your Wealthica dashboard. Some are free while others require payment. 

Uses Your Data to Advertise at You

Most of the time, there’s actually a high cost behind “free” financial tracking apps

In this case, that cost is your peace.

While Wealthica promises not to sell personal or financial data to outside parties, what it does do is use that information internally to market and advertise its paid services to users.

Severely Lacks Focus

You may have noticed by now that Wealthica has, well, a wealth of features. 

However, that’s not always a good thing when they’re not all working toward the same goal. 

With budgeting features, a mortgage portal, spreadsheet connectivity, third-party integrations with tools like Stockchase, and Power Ups, it can be difficult to buy into Wealthica’s end goal of providing “transparency and simplicity” in the financial industry. 

Kubera: Laser-Focused on Making Your Portfolio Easy to Track 

Kubera: Laser-Focused on Making Your Portfolio Easy to Track 

Like Wealthica, Kubera promises to be a simple, all-in-one solution for monitoring and managing a diverse portfolio. 

The difference is Kubera delivers on this promise. 

Kubera’s personal balance sheet makes it exceedingly easy to track your every asset, understand the performance of each, and protect your privacy all at the same time.  

Track Thousands of Assets and Accounts in a Single View

We mean every asset — cryptocurrency, NFTs and DeFi assets, vehicles, web domains, real estate, USDs as well as foreign currencies, financial accounts, stocks, collectables, ETFs, and beyond. 

For account-based assets (bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.), all you have to do is add your account credentials to your Kubera dashboard. Thanks to multiple financial aggregation integrations, Kubera works with tens of thousands of global financial institutions. And just like that, Kubera will keep your accounts up to date in your dashboard in real-time. 

Looking to connect crypto exchanges and wallets like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metamask, BSC, Trezor, Ledger, and more? Check out our guide.

For assets without accounts (cash, collectibles, etc.), Kubera’s spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to add and update every pertinent detail. 

In just hours, you can finally gain visibility and insight into your entire portfolio, no matter where your assets come from. 

Calculate Return on Your Every Investment 

What’s the point of tracking all your assets without also gaining some insights into how they’re returning on your investment?

We thought the same thing. Which is why we built Kubera to automatically calculate IRR for investments (IRR stands for “internal rate of return” — a more accurate version of ROI).

As long as your Kubera dashboard has the price, value, and details about cash flow in and out of an asset; it can find IRR for that asset. 

And, it can do so in your preferred currency! 

In addition, Kubera also shows how a few popular indices and stocks are performing (S&P 500, Tesla, etc.) so you can compare your own holdings and make informed decisions around selling versus doubling down. 

To learn more, check out this walkthrough of Kubera’s IRR feature in action.

Enjoy Simple Pricing + Complete Privacy

And now for the feature that perhaps separates Kubera the most from Wealthica and many other crypto portfolio trackers. 

We protect your personal information!

At Kubera, we support our business by charging a simple, all-in-one price. This income stream means we don’t have to sell user data to third parties, unless they need it to provide their services. 

On top of our privacy promise, we’re also committed to security measures that go the extra mile to keep your information safe. 

See Kubera’s features and functionality in action for yourself when you sign up on desktop, via iPhone, or on Android

Already working alongside a financial advisor, wealth manager, or other financial pro? It’s all good! You can still work with your advisor and with Kubera when they use our white-label solution. Just have them request a demo to see how Kubera can help them modernize their client portal.

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