As new possibilities for building wealth emerge, digital financial management tools must rise to the occasion and deliver a seamless experience.

As a modern wealth builder and global citizen, you need tools that make it easy to track all your assets in one secure, convenient location.

In addition to the basics of budgeting, investing, and monitoring portfolio health; today’s digital wealth management platforms offer even more choices such as financial planning advice, reporting, document storage, and the ability to work with fiat and cryptocurrencies so that you can manage your money, your way.

Your personal wealth-building strategy is as unique as you are, so you need a best-fit tool that supports your needs. In this article, we’ve identified three of the top tools that empower you to effectively protect and grow your wealth.

Let’s explore how each of these can help you reach your goals so that you can decide which one is the perfect choice for you.

Kubera: A Well-Rounded Portfolio Management Tool for Modern, Diverse Investors

About Kubera

Kubera is an all-in-one wealth tracker that goes beyond wealth management to provide you with complete access to and control over all your assets and supporting documentation in one place.

Kubera stands apart from other financial tools on the market like SigFig and Personal Capital — more on those later — because it was created with modern investors in mind. 

With Kubera, you can manage wide-ranging investments whether they’re located in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world, and no matter what form they’re in — including digital forms, like website domains and cryptocurrency.

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible features Kubera provides its users.

Kubera tracks a wide range of assets. From checking accounts to global stocks, real estate, vehicles, art, domain names, and even cryptocurrency — Kubera enables you to monitor it all. (Seriously, here’s a gigantic spreadsheet of all the banks, brokerages, exchanges, apps, and more that we support.)

In fact, Kubera is one of the few platforms that enables its users to manage crypto assets right alongside more traditional fiat assets. Plus, our automated currency conversion capability means you can always see the real-time, accurately converted value of all your financial accounts in your preferred currency.

Kubera’s tickers for individual stocks and cryptocurrencies enable investors to keep an eye on changes in the market to make smart purchasing and selling decisions.

And for other large assets — think homes, vehicles, and web domains — Kubera integrates with data providers (like Zillow and EstiBot) so you can always see the real-time market value of your investments.

kubera net worth zillow

Not only does Kubera make it even easier to have a 360-degree view of your assets and net worth with modern charts and analysis features, a really unique benefit is the beneficiary management feature

Never lose track of your important financial documents again with Kubera’s built-in safe deposit box. Just add a trusted beneficiary who will be alerted, and receive access to, all your documents and your entire portfolio when you’re no longer able to manage them.  

kubera beneficiary management

Try Kubera Today 

Kubera is a straightforward subscription service with transparent pricing. That’s how we get away without displaying annoying ads or selling user data.

And you don’t have to worry about harassment from sales reps who want to push you into a higher tier of service — pressuring our customers just isn’t our style. 

Get started with an affordable Kubera subscription today

Or, find out how you can get access to Kubera through your financial planner by sharing our white-label solution with them.

Bottom Line: Kubera is the best all-in-one wealth management tool for modern investors who want to monitor and manage various financial accounts, assets, and documents in a single, safe place.

SigFig: An Affordable Robo-Advisor for Newer, More Traditional Investors

About SigFig

SigFig makes a bold promise: “Put your money to work and your mind at ease.”

And you can do that if you’re looking for a third-party portfolio manager for your Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, or Charles Schwab accounts, exclusively.

For traditional investors, SigFig offers the standard rebalancing and reinvestment services for maintaining a portfolio that includes U.S. stocks, stocks from both Developed and Emerging markets, real estate, U.S. bonds, Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities, and more.

A key SigFig feature is Tax Loss Harvesting, which includes tax optimized sales, tax-efficient migration, and whitelisting.

SigFig may be especially interesting for new investors thanks to its lower-than-usual thresholds. The minimum to start an account is $2,000 and asset management is free until you reach $10,000 in managed assets. At that point, SigFig takes 0.25% of your holdings, but you can finally access the help of their financial advisors. 

How does SigFig keep its pricing low? They keep their overhead low with a healthy dose of robo-advisors (automated, algorithm-fueled “robot” advisors) and they keep their features and the variety of accounts they serve to a minimum.  

Bottom Line: SigFig is a decent place for beginner investors to start in the world of portfolio management. But if you're looking for an all-in-one solution or are interested in alternative assets, there are better options available. 

Personal Capital: A Financial Planning Tool That Shines in the White-Glove Department

About Personal Capital

Personal Capital appeals to wealth builders who appreciate valuable advice from money management professionals.  

The “free” tier of this financial dashboard allows you to monitor several accounts and assets on a single platform, including employer-sponsored retirement plans. And in addition to free features for monitoring your cash flow, net worth, and budgeting, Personal Capital users can access financial planning features to track the progress made on long-term financial goals.

However, when it comes to Personal Capital — free actually comes at a cost

Personal Capital doesn’t only use your financial data to market products to you, they also have an, ahem, robust upselling program. Some people report receiving cold sales calls from Personal Capital agents for years.  

This is what makes Personal Capital more ideal for investors with more than $100,000 in assets, because that’s the threshold where investors are finally considered “customers” and can access PC’s financial advisors.

If you have $200,000 or more to invest, Personal Capital offers a paid service that includes active management of your investment portfolio and 24/7 access to live financial advisors via web conferencing, live chat, phone, or email. 

And because this hand’s on advisement comes at a decent cost  — advisory fees start around 0.89% of assets under management until they reach $1 million, and drop as low as 0.49% after that — Personal Capital is really only for those investors with more skin in the game who highly value the hands-on service that trained, human professionals can provide. 

Bottom Line: Personal Capital's free tool is good for financial management, but be prepared to pay hefty fees for additional services — and to be hounded by sales calls if you don’t want to upgrade.

A Clear Winner in the SigFig vs. Personal Capital vs. Kubera Battle

SigFig relies on robo-advisor functionality and limited assets and accounts connectivity to keep its pricing low.  

Personal Capital caters to the heavily invested who value hands-on financial advice — and are ready to pay for it or receive cold calls for years. 

While SigFig and Personal Capital both offer a little bit of what investors may be looking for in a financial management platform, neither tool stands alone as an all-in-one solution.

That’s where Kubera shines. 

Kubera is the only all-in-one financial monitoring and management solution for modern investors with a diverse portfolio of traditional and alternative assets and accounts — a mix that’s becoming more important than ever in today’s financial environment. 

Sign up for an affordable subscription to Kubera today and experience a portfolio tracking platform that empowers you to manage every aspect of your wealth with simplcity.

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