This is it. 

Today is the day. 

It’s finally time to get your financial sh*t together. 

Luckily for you, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are lots and lots of apps for that. 

And that’s exactly why we created this guide — to help you wade through all of the finance management tools out there so that you can build a suite that helps you automate your savings, diversify your portfolio, grow your net worth, and more.

6 Essential Finance Management Tools for Everyday People

Whether you’re building up your wealth toolbox for the first time or just looking to update your roster with more modern solutions — here are what we would consider the essentials everyone needs to know about to create a successful financial life. 

1. All-in-One Portfolio Manager: Kubera

A successful financial plan all begins with a way to track, manage, and grow your financial assets.

That’s why, before anything else, today’s modern investors need to know about Kubera — the only all-in-one finance management tool for tracking almost any asset. Crypto, DeFi assets, cash, collectibles, real estate, stocks, and pretty much anything else that can be owned or invested in can all be managed in Kubera. 

This functionality is thanks in part to Kubera’s custom aggregator architecture that enables the dashboard to connect and automatically sync with accounts from banks, crypto exchanges, brokerages, and many other financial institutions all over the world

Then there are the tickers that enable investors to track the value of individual crypto coins and traditional stocks. 

And as a last measure to make sure your entire portfolio is monitored and managed successfully, Kubera integrates with leading asset experts such as Zillow for real estate and EstiBot for domains to help you track the real-time value of key assets. 

This capability is meant to help you make the best decisions when it comes to buying and selling assets to grow your wealth and diversify your portfolio. 

Check out all the above features and more in action on the “How Kubera Works” page

If you like what you see, the subscription is affordable and comes with a guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about your privacy or receive annoying upsells. 

And best of all, if you work with a financial professional, you may be able to access Kubera through their white-labeling option. Just send your advisor Kubera’s financial pro page where they can request a free demo.

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

Having a finance management tool that is capable of monitoring your entire financial life is key because, with its complete view, it should be able to help you track your net worth with decent accuracy. And understanding your net worth should be important to everyone because it’s one number that can singlehandedly tell you the “health” of your wealth and whether it’s getting better or worse over time. 

2. Easy-to-Use Investment Platform: Vanguard

Vanguard is a very large investment company that’s mostly known for making investing in mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) accessible and affordable. This makes it an ideal finance management tool for investors who are more interested in buying and holding assets versus those who wish to trade on a regular basis. For beginners and even for more seasoned investors who are saving up for something like retirement or college, Vanguard is a great fit.

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

There’s nothing wrong with actively trading stocks — but that’s something we’d only recommend getting into after you have the essentials covered. Before you go diving into any platforms that are more focused on short-term investments, make sure you have those long-term holdings somewhere that is both safe and productive, like Vanguard. 

3. Savings Automation: Digit

Digit is a prime example of the type of finance management tools that define the 21st century. With digital learning and automation, Digit connects to your chosen bank account, figures out how much money you can spare at any given time, and moves that amount over into a savings account without you having to do anything! This can be a super useful tool for saving toward a large spending event, paying bills, putting money towards loans, and now Digit even automates investing.  

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

More than half of all Americans report they’d be unable to cover a surprise $1,000 expense if it came up. While part of this issue is of course how much income they’re able to generate, another part of it is that humans simply aren’t great at preparing for the unexpected. By putting savings on autopilot with a finance management tool like Digit, it becomes a lot easier to squirrel away cash for surprises as well as goals. 

4. Real Estate Investing Platform: Fundrise

Diversity is crucial for keeping your portfolio safe from the ups and downs that are prevalent in most financial markets. And one of the places that many newer investors start when pursuing diversification is with real estate. 

Fundrise is an interesting tool that welcomes both accredited and non-accredited investors to take a more hands-off approach to real estate investing. With Fundrise, investors pool their money to purchase properties or buy shares in real estate that Fundrise already owns. You then reap the returns on these investments — which average between 8 and 12% —  as they make money over time. 

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

Fundrise or a similar platform is essential because it gives you a chance to diversify your portfolio with an asset that’s pretty reliable when it comes to generating returns — real estate. 

5. Flat-Fee Financial Planning: Facet Wealth

There are robo-advisors that make investment decisions based on algorithms. There are white-glove human financial advisors who make personalized investment decisions (and charge a percentage of your assets for it). And then there’s something in the middle — financial planning that comes at a flat fee. 

Flat-fee financial planning from a provider like Facet Wealth means you get to enjoy a “human touch” when it comes to your finances without dealing with the high and sometimes uncertain costs that would usually entail.

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

Sometimes, everyone could use a little personalized financial advice — especially people who are getting their wealth in order for the first time. With a flat-fee financial planning tool, investors can enjoy this help when they need it and rely on automated investment advice when things are going smoothly. 

6. Quick Credit Checks: Credit Sesame 

Credit Sesame is a finance management tool that automatically gathers up all your credit data on a monthly basis so you can always get an up-to-the-minute accounting of your credit score. 

Even better, it provides this as well as a credit “report card” and credit monitoring — for free

Credit Sesame can also help you dive deeper into your credit history, provide advice on increasing your credit score and dealing with identity theft issues, and even help you make better choices when it comes to the financial decisions that can impact your score.

Why This Finance Management Tool is Key

Your credit score is similar to your net worth number in that it’s a quick way to tell you if your financial life is moving in the direction you want it to.

But beyond this, your credit score can also show you whether someone has been tampering with your personal information.

This is a situation that, unfortunately, has been on the rise over the past decade. In 2020 alone, the Federal Trade Commission received over 1 million reports of identity theft in the U.S. — double from the year before!

identity theft reports on the rise

Start Building Your Suite of Finance Management Tools Today with Kubera

While all of the above finance management tools will eventually be essential when it comes to creating a financial life you love — there’s only one that can serve as the foundation for the rest of them. 

Kubera is the only all-in-one finance management tool that will help you keep track of all the new financial accounts you’re creating as well as the value of all the new assets in which you’re investing.

Without Kubera, you’ll end up spending way too much of your valuable time logging in and out of platforms and checking on asset value — just for it to be out of date again by the time you’ve finally got all the numbers ready to calculate your net worth manually. 

Save your time, save your sanity, and build a flawless financial system that furthers your goals with Kubera. 

Here’s how to get started with Kubera today:

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