If you’re an investor who deals with what are often considered “non-traditional” assets  — like cryptocurrency — you know it can be hard to find a portfolio management tool that caters to your needs. 

However, there are a few strong digital management solutions that cater to cryptocurrency investors specifically — as well as another tool we’ll introduce you to that goes above and beyond to help you track your crypto, Fiat, and all kinds of other assets from a single dashboard. 

Keep reading to learn the most important features of Delta, Blockfolio, and Kubera so you can figure out which crypto tracking solution is best for you. 

Delta: Straightforward Desktop and Mobile Cryptocurrency Tracking

Delta is a cryptocurrency tracker that supports more than 7,000 varieties of coins. 

With Delta, data can be synced across a few devices and users can create multiple portfolios for different investors or different strategies. The app also provides an analysis of your trade history and assets, including an overview of your asset split, asset source, asset location, trades, most used exchanges, and investment status.

The Delta Direct feature enables investors to receive updates from the teams that develop the coins they follow while the Market and Watchlist feature lets you track the prices, team info, trends, and communications around coins in which you’re interested.

Delta’s free mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. There is also a free desktop app, though it doesn’t seem much is different aside from the interface.

Delta also offers a PRO version with upgraded features, though we had a hard time figuring out exactly what it includes — and costs. A 2018 blog from Delta architect Nicolas Van Hoorde mentions some additional features and puts the price at $8.49 per month/$49.99 per year.

Summary: With features that dive into the details of each investment and monitor them across various devices and portfolios, Delta is a crypto tracker for the investor who likes to be heavily involved in their portfolio.

Blockfolio: A Mobile Crypto Portfolio and News App

With a purported 6 million users, 500+ exchanges, and support for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies  — we don’t doubt Blockfolio’s claim that they’re one of the most popular crypto trackers. 

The free mobile app (available on Android and iOS) features a Markets tab, which automatically ranks cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization. 

As an investor, you can also get into the specifics of your portfolio with Blockfolio’s details about each of your investments’ profit/loss trends, cost basis calculations, price candlestick charts, news, and more. Custom price alerts let you take action when opportunities in which you’re interested meet your specifications (such as a percentage change over a certain timeframe, a price drop to a specified level, etc.). 

Blockfolio’s Signal feature is similar to Delta’s Direct in that it enables users to get the latest updates directly from CEOs, founders, and other leadership at token teams. An interesting aspect that sets it apart from Delta is the capability to integrate it into messaging apps like Slack to receive real-time Signal updates.

Summary: Blockfolio is for on-the-go investors who are hyper-focused on cryptocurrency and always on the lookout for “the next big thing” in crypto.

Kubera: A Modern All-in-One Tracker for Diverse Assets

As an all-in-one wealth tracker, Kubera sets itself apart in the “Delta vs. Blockfolio vs. Kubera” debate by offering detailed tracking for cryptocurrency alongside tracking for pretty much any other asset you can think of, including Fiat bank and brokerage accounts, debts, physical assets (like art), real estate, digital assets (like domains), and more.

In fact, you can check out the full list of the banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges and wallets, and financial institutions to which Kubera connects here. 

And when adding assets like homes, vehicles, or domains to Kubera, you can take advantage of our integrations with leading asset experts (such as Zillow in the U.S.) that feed your dashboard with real-time market data on the value of your investments.

In addition, Kubera enables users to add tickers so you can keep an eye on the leading individual stocks and cryptocurrencies to make educated purchasing (or selling) decisions when they matter most! 

Kubera’s wealth management platform uses an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface for connecting accounts. Once they’re connected, you can arrange them in your preferred order and add details and documents. For international investors, Kubera instantly converts inputs to your preferred currency using the latest exchange rates.

Aside from monitoring and optimizing net worth across a variety of asset classes, one of Kubera’s most unique features is “Beneficiary Management,” which allows you to store financial data, estate planning documents, and other critical files in a singular space — and name a beneficiary who will receive access to it when you’re no longer able to manage it.

At Kubera, our business model is what we like to call “privacy-friendly.” We don’t sell your data like some other financial apps do, but that means we have to charge a subscription fee.  

Sign up for your monthly Kubera subscription right now, choose to save a little money by purchasing an affordable yearly membership, or click here to learn how to access Kubera for free!

Summary: Kubera is the ideal wealth tracking and management solution for high-net-worth individuals, global investors, and anyone else who is interested in a variety of asset types — including but not limited to cryptocurrency.

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