If you’re an investor who deals with what are often considered “non-traditional” assets  — like cryptocurrency — you know it can be hard to find a portfolio management tool that caters to your needs.

However, there are a few solid digital management solutions that cater to cryptocurrency investors specifically. And, there’s another tool we’ll introduce you to that goes above and beyond to help you track your crypto as well as DeFi, NFT, Fiat, and all kinds of other assets from a single dashboard. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the best crypto trackers on our radar.

Best Crypto Tracker Options: Delta vs. Blockfolio vs. Kubera

Which crypto tracking solution is best for you? Let’s dive into the details of Delta, Blockfolio, Kubera, and a few bonus options to help you make that decision.

Kubera: A Modern All-in-One Tracker for Diverse Assets

As an all-in-one wealth tracker, Kubera sets itself apart in the “Delta vs. Blockfolio vs. Kubera” debate. Kubera offers detailed tracking for cryptocurrency and DeFi alongside pretty much any other asset or account type you can think of — Fiat money, domains, Bitcoin ETFs, collectibles, bank accounts, gold, NFTs, and more. Just check out this list of the banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges and wallets, and financial institutions to which Kubera connects! 

When adding assets like homes, vehicles, or domains to Kubera, you can take advantage of our integrations with leading asset experts (such as Zillow) that feed your dashboard with real-time market data on the value of your investments.

In addition, Kubera enables users to add tickers so you can keep an eye on the leading individual stocks and cryptocurrencies to make educated purchasing (or selling) decisions when they matter most! 

Another thing that puts Kubera among the best crypto trackers is its easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface for connecting accounts. Once they’re connected, you can arrange them in your preferred order and add details and documents. For international investors, Kubera instantly converts inputs to your preferred currency using the latest exchange rates.

One of Kubera’s most unique features is beneficiary management, which allows you to store financial data, estate planning documents, and other critical files in a singular space. You can then name a beneficiary who will receive access to your entire portfolio when you’re no longer able to manage it.

At Kubera, we prioritize security and privacy. While that means we don’t sell your data like some other financial apps do, we do have to charge a subscription fee. Sign up for your Kubera subscription right now — we’re available on desktop, iPhone, and Android.

Alternatively, you can share Kubera with your financial advisor, wealth manager, or any other type of pro you work with to see if you can access the platform at a discount. 

Summary: Kubera is the best crypto tracker for DIY high-net-worth individuals, global investors, and anyone else who is interested in managing a wide variety of asset types.

Delta: Straightforward Desktop and Mobile Cryptocurrency Tracking

Delta is a mobile financial tracking app that can monitor balances, changes, and transactions across investments like crypto, stocks, bonds, futures, currencies, and more. 

With Delta, data can be synced across a few devices, and users can create multiple portfolios for different investors or different strategies. The app also provides an analysis of your trade history and assets, including an overview of your asset split, asset source, asset location, trades, most used exchanges, and investment status.

The Delta Direct feature enables investors to receive updates from the teams that develop the coins they follow. And the connection to crypto and stock markets lets you track the prices and changes of hundreds of assets all over the world. 

Delta’s mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. The paid, pro version offers exclusive analytics features, unlimited integrations with financial institutions, syncing across five devices, and first access to new features. According to their Apple App Store preview page, the “Delta PRO Early Backer” subscription is $8.99 monthly and $59.99 annually as of early 2022. 

Summary: With features that dive into investment details across devices, Delta is one of the best crypto trackers for investors who like to be heavily involved in their portfolios. 

Blockfolio (Now FTX): An App for All Things Crypto

Blockfolio, now known as FTX since its acquisition, has evolved from a crypto tracking app to a crypto everything app. 

FTX is focused on making crypto accessible to the masses, and it does this through various means. The FTX exchange lets users buy and sell crypto, the FTX card gives users a resource for spending their crypto balance and works around the world, the FTX pay feature pugs into websites and apps to allow users to accept crypto (and Fiat) payments, the FTX US OTC Portal enables over-the-counter trading between two parties, and the FTX US Derivatives platform gives retail users access to approachable derivatives trading.

Formerly Blockfolio Signal, FTX Signal is similar to Delta’s Direct in that it enables users to get the latest updates directly from CEOs, founders, and other leadership at token teams. FTX also offers a portal for shopping and creating NFTs. 

A version of the old Blockfolio app, where investors can buy and track crypto and create price alerts, is still available as “FTX” on the App Store and Google Play. In the U.S., the “FTXUS Pro” app is also available for both devices. Fees are based on the user’s trading volume. 

Summary: Blockfolio (now FTX) is a good crypto tracking option for the all-in investor who also wants to spend, accept, and trade in crypto on a daily basis. 

Best Crypto Tracker Honorable Mentions: CoinStats and CoinTracker

We wanted to quickly shout out a few more great tools that didn’t make it into the battle of the best crypto tracker because of somewhat niche features.  

CoinStats: One of the Best Crypto Trackers for Ethereum Investors

CoinStats is a platform for managing crypto and DeFi. What makes it special is that it enables users to sync MetaMask, Ledger, and other Ethereum-focused wallets right with its portfolio tracker. This compatibility with Ethereum, which is perhaps the most extensive ecosystem for DeFi and tokens, makes it more useful for a wider variety of investor types. On the flip side, this means its builders have chosen not to support many of the other major Bitcoin wallets (for now). 

As mentioned, CoinStats is an all-in-one portfolio tracker, but it also features a high-powered and real-time coin price tracker, a wallet, customizable alerts, crypto news, and more. 

CoinStats’ apps are available on all platforms. Currently, pricing tiers start at $3.49 per month, annually for individual pro users. Custom pricing is available for larger trading communities.  

CoinTracker: A Tax-Focused Crypto Portfolio Manager

CoinTracker is a crypto portfolio management platform that brings together transactions from 300+ exchanges and 8000+ cryptocurrencies to make it easy to view the market value, performance, and allocation of all your crypto assets — in real-time. 

But what sets CoinTracker apart is how it approaches crypto through the lens of taxes.  

With CoinTracker, you can easily tax-loss harvest your portfolio, which may save you thousands of dollars per year. On top of that, it helps users correctly file cryptocurrency taxes by turning all your crypto transactions into usable reports that can be imported into online filing systems or shared with a tax preparation professional. CoinTracker is set up to support tax compliance in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia, with partial support for other locations.

CoinTracker is available on all mobile devices, and there are different pricing plans for each of the services offered. At the time of writing, the portfolio tracker was priced from free to $99 per month. Tax reporting ranges from a one-time cost of $0 to around $200. Custom pricing is also available for each service. 

Pick Your Contender for Best Crypto Tracker: Delta vs. Blockfolio vs. Kubera

In the showdown of Delta vs. Blockfolio vs. Kubera, the best crypto tracker for you will be the one with the features that best fit your specific investment style and needs. 

If you want to go ahead and try out the most current and complete crypto+ portfolio tracker available, all you have to do is sign up for Kubera right now. Kubera brings affordability, accessibility, and ease of use to DIY high-net-worth individuals, modern money advisors and managers, and everyone in between. 

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