All investors are not created equal. 

So, luckily, neither are all the crypto tools on the market that they can use to help manage their portfolios. 

Whether you’re just starting to explore crypto, you’re fully tuned in to and trading based on the latest crypto trends, or you’re a diverse investor who’s looking for a more holistic solution that won’t have you flipping through different apps every time you want to look at crypto and traditional stock values — we promise there’s a great crypto tool out there for you. 

What Do We Mean by Crypto Tools?

When we say “crypto tools” we’re talking about the whole range of products and services that assist investors to build, monitor, and manage their cryptocurrency holdings. 

Some of these crypto tools focus on the tracking side of things to help investors keep track of the rapidly-changing value of their crypto investments so that they can make smart buying and selling decisions that align with their financial goals. 

Others are more on the investing side with exchange integrations that enable their users to actively invest in one or more types of crypto. 

And some, as you’ll see later, are a blend of both.

If you aren’t sure whether a crypto tool is right for you, to be honest it probably is or will be soon if you’re at all interested in growing your crypto portfolio. This is because it’s recommended that traders who work with three or more coins use a crypto tool to help manage their investments.

Why Every Investor Needs Crypto Tools

There’s no denying that crypto is gaining in popularity and carving out a place for itself in the mainstream financial conversation. 

And as it does so, thousands of different coins are created. At the beginning of 2021, there were over 4,000 different crypto coins on the market.

On the flip side of this is the fact that crypto is still relatively volatile, so hundreds upon hundreds of these coins will either stagnate or fail over time.  

Common sense dictates that the more of these extremely fast-changing assets you add to your portfolio, the more time you’ll need to spend tracking all of them to make sure you’re making wise investments. 

However, most of us in today’s fast-paced world don’t have that kind of time. 

This is where crypto tools become invaluable. 

With the right crypto tool(s), you can easily monitor the performance of your crypto assets — and sometimes other assets, as well — at a glance. 

And this capability will only become more important as modern investors continue to grow the diversity of their portfolios. 

How can we be so sure that portfolios will continue to get more and more diverse (and therefore harder to manage)? 

Because those that are paying attention know that the best way to create a successful, profitable investment portfolio is to diversify across traditional and cutting-edge digital assets — including crypto. 

Not sure you’re nailing your diversification strategy? Check out our Practical Guide to Modern Portfolio Diversification.

investment diversification tip

The 5 Best Crypto Tools for Different Investor Types

While you can of course choose to build your own crypto tool to maintain total control and customization over its features and functionality, today there are so many modern tools on the market that you should be able to find one that totally delivers on your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the best of these tools and pick one or more that aligns with your investment style and money goals. 

Kubera: An All-in-One Tracker for Diverse Investors with Crypto and More

Kubera is the premier all-in-one wealth tracker for diverse investors who hold more than just crypto.

What makes Kubera the best all-in-one solution for tracking fiat, crypto, and every other asset type is the custom architecture that enables our dashboard to connect to financial accounts of every type and in any location.

Wondering if one of your accounts is covered? Check out our massive spreadsheet to learn more about the different types of accounts we can help you track. 

kubera bank integrationsKubera: The Only All-in-One Crypto Tool for Diverse Investors

On top of our strong financial account integrations, Kubera also works with leading asset experts (like EstiBot, Zillow, and more) to keep your dashboard updated with the real-time value of your real estate, vehicles, and web domains.   

And for your traditional stock and crypto market investments? For those we’ve built in unique tickers that you can add to your Kubera dashboard to monitor and manage the performance of your stocks and crypto coins.

kubera zillow

Along with all of the above robust automations, Kubera’s easy-to-use spreadsheet-like interface enables users to enter and track the value of any other type of asset — from cars to rare art to a baseball card collection and beyond. 

And the cherry on top of Kubera’s all-in-one wealth tracking tool is our recap feature that empowers investors to view everything from overall asset performance to total net worth.

Even if your portfolio isn’t currently widely diverse, that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually be — especially if you plan to stay in the game and make a real profit from your portfolio over time.

Sign up for an affordable Kubera subscription to easily start monitoring and growing your crypto and other investments today.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of exchange apps crypto investors can use in conjunction with Kubera to build diverse portfolios worth monitoring and managing.

Coinbase: A Tracker and Exchange for Beginning Investors

If you’re at all interested in crypto, chances are you’ve heard of Coinbase. 

Coinbase is first and foremost a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to invest in a wide variety of coins, but it also has a dashboard to display your portfolio’s performance and balance, its own wallet, and even a crypto trading platform for more experienced investors. 

What makes Coinbase one of the most popular crypto tools and a common “starting point” for many investors is its focus on providing an extremely user-friendly interface. 

And to make crypto even easier for new investors, Coinbase has an expansive knowledge base as well as a unique learning program where users can earn crypto as they take Coinbase’s courses to learn about new coins. 

Blockfolio: An Exchange and Tracker for Trend-Focused Crypto Investors

For the more advanced crypto investor, there’s Blockfolio. 

Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker as well as an exchange that investors can use to buy and trade different kinds of crypto.

As a tracker, Blockfolio goes beyond surface-level displays and metrics to give investors interesting insights into portfolio specifics such as profit/loss trends, cost basis calculations, price candlestick charts, and more. 

Blockfolio also empowers investors to stay on top of cutting-edge crypto trends with a detailed market overview, a crypto news section, and a unique “Blockfolio Signal” feature that enables crypto teams to provide investors with up-to-the-moment updates. 

Crypto Pro: A Tracking and Trading Tool for Privacy-Possessed Investors

Crypto Pro is another cryptocurrency tool that enables users to trade coins as well as track their crypto portfolio. 

However, it’s a great fit specifically for those investors who want to go above and beyond when it comes to protecting their privacy. 

Crypto Pro delivers on this desire with built-in TouchID and FaceID lock and the ability to encrypt and store your user data locally on your device or via the cloud. The platform also promises not to track user activity including viewing habits, portfolio size, and more — preventing them from using or selling user data for advertising purposes.

Accointing: A Crypto Portfolio Manager That Simplifies Tax Time for DIY Investors

Tax season isn’t exactly fun for any of us, but it can be especially grueling for investors with diverse assets — such as crypto coins — that need to be accounted for when tax time rolls around. 

Accointing doesn’t just help investors manage their crypto portfolios and keep track of the performance of different coins in which they’re interested like other crypto tools do — it goes above and beyond to help investors generate the location-specific tax reports they need to more easily file taxes when the time comes.

Save Time and Sanity With Kubera: A Key All-In-One Crypto Tool

When used in conjunction with the right crypto exchange application, Kubera is a good fit for every type of investor who wants to monitor and manage their holdings — whether you’re a first-time crypto user, well-versed, privacy-focused, or all of the above.

See Kubera in action today. It’s affordable to sign up for an ongoing subscription

Or, get your financial advisor on board with Kubera’s modern white-label solution.

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