Whether you’re a well-diversified investor or you’re brand-spankin’ new to using crypto exchanges and portfolio management platforms — you deserve to know that there are lots of options out there to help you make the best investment decisions. 

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to building a successful cryptocurrency portfolio. 

Unfortunately, that’s not what the same old ads and same old lists that hype only the most popular crypto tools would have you believe. 

That’s why we’re taking a new approach.

In this article, we dive into our favorite alternatives to one very popular platform — Blockfolio — and tell you what makes each option a good fit for a few common investor types.

Refresher Course: What Exactly is Blockfolio?

You’ve probably heard of Blockfolio if you’re interested in cryptocurrency. But just in case you don’t know the details, let’s talk a little more about what it does. 

Originally, Blockfolio began as a tool for investors to control their crypto portfolios — which is why you still see so many robust management features in the mobile app (and yes, there is only a mobile app at the time of this writing)

In addition, Blockfolio has detailed alerts so investors can take action when certain coins reach their preferred piercing. And then there’s Signal, a feature that lets users get updates directly from the teams that develop their favorite cryptocurrencies. 

And of course, Blockfolio also supports buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency — and even has a markets section where investors can keep an eye on how the crypto market is moving in real-time.  

While it’s a fine option for crypto investors, there are several downsides that may spur those same investors to seek out a Blockfolio alternative. Keep reading to learn more about these downsides and the best Blockfolio alternatives that pick up the slack.

The Leading Reasons Crypto Investors May Want a Blockfolio Alternative

Despite all its powerful features, there are a few key reasons some crypto investors may seek out Blockfolio alternatives.

Not Usable Via Web

Perhaps the biggest downfall of Blockfolio is that its functionality isn’t currently available via a web browser or application. Investors who want to use Blockfolio can only use it through the mobile app. 

While this may not seem like a big downfall to all readers, it actually alienates a large swath of potential users who don’t want to or are unable to use mobile apps — such as those with disabilities, vision limitations, and more.

Minor Privacy Concerns

Like many “free” financial apps — the cost of using Blockfolio is limited privacy

Blockfolio’s clearly says they don’t share personalized user data, but that they may share aggregated user data.

This is the case for many financial tools and doesn’t necessarily mean you should be highly concerned about your data privacy, but it’s worth noting for those crypto investors who are hyper careful with their privacy. 

Overwhelming for Beginners, Yet Underpowered for Advanced Users

Thanks to an influx of new capabilities, some reviewers find that Blockfolio can be a bit overwhelming for newer investors to look at and use. 

But ironically, those same capabilities may not be quite enough for true power users. At the time of writing, the app lacks the functionality to automatically sync transaction information. For users who participate in exchanges frequently, going in and entering trades manually can get old, fast.

5 Great Blockfolio Alternatives, Based on Your Crypto Investment Needs

If the above downsides have you thinking about considering a Blockfolio alternative — we have several lined up for you. 

Kubera: A Different Kind of Blockfolio Alternative for Tracking Diverse Investments — DeFi Included

Kubera is an all-in-one financial portfolio tracker that’s a little different than the other Blockfolio alternatives you’ll see on this list. So that we can focus on helping you track your entire portfolio — we don’t focus on the actual process of buying and selling cryptocurrency. 

That means you get to use Kubera in conjunction with the crypto exchange tool that works best for you to create a custom solution that meets your unique needs as a modern investor. 

The main source of Kubera’s power comes from the underlying architecture that we custom built so that you can connect to banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges, and other financial institutions pretty much anywhere in the world (in fact, you can see the ever-expanding list here).

This is what makes Kubera the most well-rounded wealth tracker for modern investors who hold everything from crypto to cash, collectibles, real estate, and even DeFi-based assets

But the above integrations are just the beginning. 

Kubera also partners with specific assets evaluation experts (including EstiBot, Zillow, and beyond —learn more here) that enable our users to stay up to date on the value of their real estate holdings, vehicles, and even domain names. 

And for any of those brokerage or crypto accounts that aren’t able to integrate automatically for any reason, you can look up stock and crypto tickers and add those right to your Kubera dashboard for a live feed of their performance.

kubera stocks and coins

As the only true all-in-one financial tracking tool that works alongside your crypto exchange of choice to create the perfect Blockfolio alternative, we’ve got another great feature up our sleeve.

Our carefully crafted recap screen provides a detailed overview of your portfolio’s performance and includes important stats like asset allocation, net worth growth, and more.

Interested in trying a different kind of Blockfolio alternative that’ll help you diversify your assets and achieve your specific investment goals? 

You can do just that when you sign up for Kubera’s affordable subscription right now. 

Once you’ve activated your Kubera account, go ahead and check out the rest of our Blockfolio alternatives that you can use alongside Kubera to meet your investment goals.

Coinbase: The Easy-to-Use Blockfolio Alternative for Crypto Beginners

Coinbase, like the rest of the Blockfolio alternatives from here on out, is a tool for trading as well as managing cryptocurrencies acquired within the platform.

But more specifically, it’s a crypto tool that’s especially suited for beginners.  

What is it that makes Coinbase great for those still mastering the art of crypto investing? 

Well, first of all, it’s just as beautiful and easy to look at as it is to use. In addition, there’s also a robust knowledge base as well as an entire educational program that rewards new crypto investors when they take classes about coins! 

As for features, Coinbase has everything you need to track the performance of your crypto portfolio using their dashboard, a built-in wallet for storing the keys for your coins, and of course the exchange platform we mentioned before where users can buy and sell crypto.  

Crypto Pro: The Blockfolio Alternative for Crypto Investors Who Prioritize Privacy

Next up is Crypto Pro, another Blockfolio alternative that includes both an exchange platform and a dashboard where you can manage the transactions you’ve made within the app. 

So what makes it such a key tool to consider? That would be its focus on the privacy front.

The high points when it comes to Crypto Pro’s privacy policy are:

  • It doesn’t collect personal data
  • It stores your portfolio locally on your device
  • It doesn’t even use outside analytics software that could potentially track and attach your personal behavior to your account

CoinStats: A Tracking and Trading Blockfolio Alternative That Works Great for Desktop Users

CoinStats: A Tracking and Trading Blockfolio Alternative That Works Great for Desktop Users

CoinStats gets our vote for the second-most user-friendly Blockfolio alternative we’ve included on our list. 

Why is that?

That’s because, while it doesn’t focus on classes or documentation for beginners, it is somewhat unique in its focus on usability with iOS and Android mobile apps, a Mac app, a Chrome extension, and, you guessed it, a web app.

CoinStats also makes it easy to manage and trade crypto by connecting with leading wallets and exchanges, completing the loop on simplifying crypto investing for people of all abilities, preferences, and experience levels. 

BitUniverse: A Blockfolio Alternative for Advanced (And Adventurous) Crypto Investors

BitUniverse: A Blockfolio Alternative for Advanced (And Adventurous) Crypto Investors

BitUniverse is a pretty cool piece of tech for those crypto investors who are up for a modern adventure. 

There are two advanced features that make BitUniverse unique: Automated balance and profit tracking as well as a built-in bot named Grid Bot that uses an algorithm to make trades and generate profit — all on your behalf but without your input. 

Of course, here we have to warn that using automated features of course comes with inherent risks. Make sure you take your time to get to know and get comfortable with BitUniverse before you put a lot of your crypto ”eggs” in its digital “basket.” 

Power Up Your Crypto Exchange with Kubera’s Modern Portfolio Tracker Today 

It turns out, the ultimate Blockfolio alternative isn’t even one single alternative at all! 

Instead, it’s a combo of your crypto exchange of choice plus Kubera’s all-in-one portfolio manager that work together effortlessly to create a system that helps you achieve even your most unique investment goals. 

See how Kubera works, step-by-step, right here or get started with an ad-free, hassle-free subscription today.

Working with a financial advisor? That’s cool! Get ‘em on board with Kubera’s white-label solution and enjoy a more modern — and maybe even more affordable — experience when it comes to investing.

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