If you’ve recently heard of Wealthbrain as a solution for tracking your wealth and hit the internet to look for more information — you found it! 

Wealthbrain’s portfolio management specialties may serve a global audience, but they definitely focus more heavily on the wealth management professionals than individuals. 

So in addition to providing a rundown of Wealthbrain’s key features, we thought you’d also appreciate being introduced to two more portfolio management tools, each with its own distinct focus: 

  • Kubera: The most complete balance sheet and portfolio management software for DIY investors.
  • HedgeGuard: Client portfolio management and middle office outsourcing for wealth pros. 

Wealthbrain: Portfolio Management System for Wealth Pros and HNW Individuals

Based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Wealthbrain is a self-titled “wealthtech” software platform according to wealthbrain.com. 

The portfolio management system — PMS software automates the process of choosing investments that meet investor goals and risk tolerance — focuses mainly on four areas: consolidating global portfolios, performance analytics, custom reporting, and connecting wealth management pros with their various partners. 

Though some of their features serve high net worth individuals (HNWIs), Wealthbrain is especially focused on financial advisory companies, family offices, and wealth management businesses. 

Wealthbrain Features

Let’s explore the main capabilities Wealthbrain’s FinTech platform advertises for users. 

Asset Consolidation

Bringing tons of investor assets under one roof is one of the core tenets of every PMS. 

Wealthbrain does a good job consolidating assets and liabilities from private banks, custodians, and other financial institutions all over the world. 

This consolidated information can even be viewed in various charts and graphs so pros and individuals alike can make investments that align with goals and risk tolerance.

Analytics on Performance

Wealthbrain offers performance-based analytics that help portfolio managers understand the present so they can optimize for the future.

A word of warning: This feature appears to be geared toward wealth professionals, so individuals hoping to draw insights here will need to be very financially savvy. 

Customizable Reporting 

With Wealthbrain, users can create two types of reports: one type that covers the entire portfolio and one type that covers just the chosen asset class. 

With these customizable reports, users can get a view of investment performance over time. Layered on top of the analytics feature, this information will help investors — or much more likely, their advisors — make even more informed, smart decisions. 

Partnership Ecosystem for Pros

This final feature is definitely aimed at investment management companies and pro financial advisors. Wealthbrain offers to connect these user types with their global ecosystem of partners, who help with a variety of financial services, including: 

  • Lifecycle management 
  • Wealth planning 
  • Client relationship management
  • Client onboarding

Top Wealthbrain Alternatives: Kubera and HedgeGuard

As you can see, Wealthbrain is a portfolio management system with plenty of helpful features. 

However, it’s kind of hard to figure out who will be best served by those features when you consider that half are built for wealth management companies and the other half seem to be for individual investor use. 

If you’re a big believer in doing one thing and doing it well like we are, here are some Wealthbrain alternatives with clear-cut audiences — and capabilities that enable those audiences to manage finances to the best of their abilities. 

Kubera: Modern Portfolio Management for Global DIY Investors

Our first Wealthbrain alternative is Kubera, founded and run by an all-remote team scattered around the globe.

Kubera is a personal balance sheet dashboard with all the wealth management features and global reach of Wealthbrain. 

The biggest difference? 

Our wealth tracker was built by our team of DIY investors specifically for other DIY inventors! 

(Yes, we do have white-label software for institutions and financial planning pros — but we’ve kept it a completely separate platform on purpose.) 

Kubera Features

Enough introduction, let’s talk about all the features that make Kubera invaluable for those looking to choose an ultra-modern, ultra-focused portfolio tracker. 

Track Every. Single. Asset.

We created Kubera to integrate with thousands of financial institutions all over the world. 


So investors can monitor both traditional and alternative assets at any given time. 

What kinds of assets? 

Global Fiat currency, brokerage accounts, savings accounts, real estate, physical heirlooms, crypto and DeFi coins, collectibles, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

Connect account-based investments to watch them update in real-time. For those physical assets that don’t have accounts, Kubera has a spreadsheet-like interface where you can add and update all their details.

Thanks to Kubera’s bird’s-eye view, investment portfolio diversification and risk alignment are as easy to nail DIY as they are with a wealth pro’s financial advice.

Additional Integrations Expand Tracking Potential

In addition to financial institution integrations, Kubera has also partnered with Zillow, EstiBot, and a VIN number tracker. On top of these, we also built in some stock and cryptocurrency trackers. 

This extra layer of functionality expands the assets you’re able to track and ensures your understanding of their value is always accurate and your critical decisions are always informed. 

Built-In ROI Calculator

You don’t just want to track your investments, right? You wanna know if they’re paying off! 

Kubera’s IRR for investments calculator can tell you just that with just cash flow info, original price, current value, and holding time information. 

Inside Kubera, IRR is automatically displayed in the preferred currency you set, and benchmarked against popular indices. 

Recap Shows Detailed Portfolio Performance

Kubera’s Recap screen takes all the data from your dashboard to give you an overview of developments in net worth and investable asset value. Set it to look at these changes yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily. 

With Kubera, you have an accurate, unified platform upon which to build your future projections.  

Prioritized Security and Privacy

While it may not seem like a feature worth mentioning to some, to us, user security and privacy are things we prioritize

We don’t want to upsell you on goods or services you don’t need, and we sure don’t want to sell your data to third parties for a profit in order to stay afloat. 

To avoid giving into these practices that most other financial trackers partake in, we charge a simple fee.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Kubera! See more of how Kubera works or sign up today to check out if we’re a good fit for your DIY investment needs.

HedgeGuard: Crypto and Traditional PMS for the Pros

Finally we have our last PMS, HedgeGuard, with offices around the world (including the U.S., Australia, Lebanon, and more). 

This cloud-based wealth management platform specifically works with “asset managers, family offices, and hedge funds” who handle both crypto-based and traditional portfolios. 

In addition, they offer a unique middle office outsourcing service, which is great for smaller wealth management firms that don’t have the staff on hand to keep up with day-to-day operations.  

HedgeGuard Features 

Time to dig a little deeper into what HedgeGuard has to offer the wealth management industry. 

Crypto Portfolio Management System

It’s kind of a big deal to see a professional-grade PMS that serves crypto investors.

To this end, HedgeGuard has plenty of features that help wealth management providers help their clients who hold crypto: 

  • Single platform to view/manage crypto investments (major currencies and tokens)
  • Trading tools 
  • Wealth reporting, both in real-time and historical 
  • Integrations with a variety of exchanges, market makers, custodians, etc. 
  • Ability to set up multiple entities: investment funds, trading accounts, and managed accounts
  • Custom dashboard views
  • multi-wallet tracking
  • ETL (extract, transform, load) data management capability

Traditional Portfolio Management System

Then there are the features that make HedgeGuard a powerhouse in the traditional PMS space: 

  • Configurable views 
  • On-demand reporting 
  • Deep portfolio analysis, strategizing, and execution tools
  • Compliance capabilities
  • Trade management
  • Cash management
  • Accounting 
  • Risk management

Middle Office Outsourcing

HedgeGuard also offers to extend teams with their roster of middle office pros, who work with firms to analyze operational needs and enact workflows. 

With this operational support that becomes one with the rest of your team, wealth management pros are able to focus on important tasks, like client management, strategy, and execution. 

Choose Kubera for Your Portfolio Management System

There are many portfolio management systems, including Wealthbrain and the Wealthbrain alternatives we’ve introduced you to today. 

If you’re more of a DIY investor like the Kubera team — join us!

We’d be more than happy to help you along your journey as a diversified, modern investor. We already have a multitude of unique portfolio management features — and we’re adding to them every day as we act on feedback from our user base. 

Get Kubera on the web or install our Chrome app, iPhone app, or Android app. 

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