Any well-traveled person who needs to manage international business accounts and track multiple investment accounts know how difficult it can be to handle all of these accounts effectively. 

You aren’t wrong to expect to be able to seamlessly manage international business accounts or track multiple investment accounts with little more than an internet connection in this modern day and age. 

However, unfortunately, most financial management apps would disagree.

Not every financial institution’s website will work in every country. Currency conversions are a hassle and not always guaranteed to work automatically. And then there’s data security, a concern that can compound with every account a person has. Most financial management apps simply aren’t built to handle issues unique to international citizens. 

But there’s one financial management app that’s unlike most — Kubera. 

Kubera offers a better way to conduct international business and track investments online. Join us as we illustrate how Kubera’s financial tracking app for global citizens makes it easy to view and manage a bevy of international bank and investment accounts from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Kubera: How Global Citizens Can Manage International Business Accounts and Track Multiple Investments

Let’s explore the key ways in which Kubera enables global citizens to manage their variety of assets from a single, simple dashboard.

1. Sync Any and All Banking and Investment Accounts

The average person has more online accounts than you might expect. 

A 2015 study of over 20,000 people found that the average person has 90 online accounts and the average American has 130 online accounts

When you break this down further to look at financial accounts specifically, that number is still really high. From your employer’s 401(k) plan, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), mortgage accounts, investment accounts, bank accounts, and more  — you probably have at least a dozen digital financial accounts.

Every different account means a different website or app as well as a (hopefully) complex password to remember. If you aren’t able to keep up, it can be harmful to your financial security and health. 

But by adding all your accounts and assets — no matter what country they originate from or where you currently live — to Kubera, you can keep an eye on every single one of them from a single and easy-to-use dashboard.

Check out the full list of the banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges and wallets, and more to which Kubera connects. 

But it doesn’t just stop at financial assets. When adding homes, vehicles, or web domains to Kubera, our integrations with leading asset experts (such as Zillow in the U.S.) will keep your dashboard updated with real-time market data so can you accurately track their value.

2. Get a Clear View of Your Finances — Without All the Management Fees

Even in the era of free access to endless information and investment opportunities, many people still work with financial advisors to help them manage and make sense of their overall financial health. 

As NerdWallet notes: “If you’re struggling to prioritize your financial goals, need a plan for where and how to save, or want help with investment management, you may want to work with a financial advisor.”

The thing about financial advisors, however, is that their help comes with fees that range from .25% to 1% of your annual balance. It can be enough to make many investors want to figure out how to manage their own finances, even when they don’t have all the tools to do the job properly.

But Kubera offers services similar to a financial advisor by helping users organize and keep track of every account and asset — $1.2 billion assets total at the time of this writing — without sliding fees. For an affordable subscription fee, Kubera provides a clear 30,000-foot view of your financial picture so that you can make sure your accounts are secure and make important decisions to grow your assets.

3. Track All Major Currencies and Take Advantage of Real-Time Conversions

One of the biggest challenges of managing international business accounts? Trying to make sense of all the different currencies.

Sure, a person can use an online calculator to manually convert currency every time they want to see how their finances are performing, but this method is inefficient and often doesn’t yield the most accurate results.

Even Google’s converter isn’t foolproof. British technology news website The Register noted in 2019 that the converter sparked public outcry after going on the fritz for the third time in one year.

But with Kubera, users can import and view accounts and assets in any currency, select which currency they prefer to see as their “default”, and then enjoy a real-time view of the value of all of their assets thanks to automated currency conversions. 

4. Securely Store Sensitive Data and Documents in Kubera’s Vault

Data security has long been a huge problem on the web. It’s become especially pronounced in the age of COVID-19 as more and more businesses go online rapidly without taking all the necessary precautions. 

In fact, more than 8 billion records were exposed in the first quarter of 2020, which marked a 273% increase from Q1 2019.

Even in non-pandemic times, having information spread across multiple accounts can make your data vulnerable online. 

According to Microsoft, 80% of enterprise accounts were compromised via spray attacks that automatically test known usernames against common passwords. 

But Kubera offers a single “safe deposit box” with a single password where you can store your most sensitive data and documents. 

Having everything in one place in Kubera’s vault — from financial account info to legal documents like your trust — also enables you to use our beneficiary management feature that allows you to name an heir who will get access to your financial portfolio, stored data, and important documents when you can no longer manage them. 

5. Track Investments, Currencies, and Cryptocurrency Side-by-Side

While we can’t predict the future, a cryptocurrency boom during 2020 and the possibility that Bitcoin could eventually be floated on the NASDAQ seems to indicate that the digital currency will become part of every diverse portfolio in the near future. 

In this respect, Kubera is ahead of the pack — treating cryptocurrency as an asset that deserves the same level of tracking as Fiat currencies, bank accounts, investments, and beyond. That’s why Kubera allows users to connect their different cryptocurrency platforms and bring their crypto data into their dashboard.

By syncing with different cryptocurrency exchanges, Kubera users have an up-to-the-minute, real-time look at how their crypto is doing relative to their full range of assets. It allows for more accurate financial planning and comprehensive net worth accounting.

Plus, our ticker feature enables you to keep track of the leading individual cryptocurrencies (and traditional stocks) so you can always make informed and timely decisions.

And with our beautifully-designed charts and visual analysis features, Kubera enables users to see it all — how investments are going, how asset allocation is performing, and how net worth is growing.

Even if your assets originate from different places all over the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t track them all in one place.

Kubera makes financial tracking for global citizens easy.

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