Estate Planning Meets Delightful Tech Innovation

Offer your clients effortless access to their portfolios, all under the signature of your unique branding.
Deliver an elite, contemporary client experience that resonates in the digital age.
Kubera offers a delightful, tech-forward approach that transforms the complex and often-avoided estate planning process into a collaborative, easy-to-manage journey.
Deliver an elite, contemporary client experience that resonates in the digital age.
Track your current net worth, compare it with the past, and see where it's going.
Make better decisions with your money.

Revolutionizing Estate Planning

Estate Planning is No Longer a Task to Avoid
Estate planning is often sidestepped because it’s considered cumbersome and overwhelming. Kubera changes this narrative by offering a tech-savvy platform that clients actually want to use. Kubera's intuitive interface and collaborative tools make it a genuinely engaging process, converting prospects into long-term clients.

Goodbye, PDFs. Hello, Real-Time Collaboration!
The initial back-and-forth of daunting PDFs and manual forms are not just outdated—they're repellent. We've turned this chore into a delightful experience. Engage in a real-time, collaborative live balance sheet with your clients. It’s more than workflow—it's workplay.

Not a One-and-Done Deal
Estate planning isn't static, so why should your management tools be? Kubera offers dynamic, real-time monitoring to ensure estate plans are up-to-date and evolve with life's changes.

Crafted for Estate Planning Attorneys: Making Clients Smile.

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Live Balance Sheets

Eliminate back-and-forths by collaborating directly on live, interactive balance sheets. Update in real-time as situations evolve.
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Happiness Check-Ins

Utilize Kubera's dynamic real-time monitoring for periodic estate reviews. Small tweaks today can prevent significant issues tomorrow.
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Efficient Financial Flow Management

Deal with bequests and trusts effortlessly, ensuring no detail, no matter how minute, is overlooked.
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Customized Client Portal
with Your Branding

Project professionalism and instill confidence with a sleek, branded portal that reflects your practice’s identity.
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Client Logins

Multi user support for every client portfolio. Invite family members to collaborate.
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Team Management,
but Make It Easy

Easily assign different roles and permissions to your team members for efficient, secure portfolio management.

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