We have a major product update for you: Kubera users can connect all their crypto exchanges and wallets directly inside Kubera without relying on 3rd party aggregators like Zabo. This means faster, secure, stable and better crypto coverage for all of our users.

Why did we do it?

Our crypto aggregation partner Zabo recently announced that it will shut down post acquisition by Coinbase. And since then we were busy building a better Zabo alternative in-house. Our engineers used the learnings over the past couple of years to design and ship a better crypto aggregation tool for Kubera users: one that offers better coverage to your favorite wallets and exchanges, is more secure and ensures more stable connections.

And the best part: our engineers built this in record time (~6 weeks, #humblebrag).

The new connectors are now live and it's time to migrate the existing crypto connections via Zabo to the new method.

What does this mean for Kubera users?

New users will connect their Crypto Exchanges and Wallets using the new method. Existing users will start seeing a yellow icon on the Crypto connected rows. Clicking on it will guide them to reconnect the accounts to the new method. 

For wallets like Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet etc. you will have to reconnect them by searching for the specific wallet type (Bitcoin/Etherum/Ripple etc.) and entering the respective wallet address. More details here.

Zabo will shut down their APIs soon, so we suggest you migrate your connections as soon as possible.

We are incredibly grateful to have you onboard and for your trust in the Kubera team. We look forward to working with you on making Kubera the most used financial tool in your lives. 

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