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The conventional portfolio tracking tool offered by your investment advisor is clunky.
You don’t use it and instead maintain a parallel spreadsheet to track your net worth. 


When you hired your advisor, both of you meticulously put a plan together. Maybe he gave you a folder showing your plan visualized as charts and Monte Carlo simulations printed in color! You never revisited those plans because they are no longer up to date.
You need a real-time system.

You need something simpler to understand your wealth.

Those tools were designed in a different day and age with your advisor in mind. They are not simple to use for you or have the aggregation technologies of Kubera. You need something simpler to understand your wealth. Kubera is designed for your needs.


Your investment advisor will provide you with tools that are only effective for the assets that they are managing. However, your complete net worth includes many other assets and tracking a single number as your net worth is critical to your financial well-being. Needless to say, Kubera supports all kinds of assets - traditional stocks, bonds and real estate to crypto.


When you use Kubera along with your investment advisor, both of you will see your accurate financial snapshot. No need to exchange pesky spreadsheets and PDF documents with each other. Your investment advisor will be able to give you better advice when he is looking at the big picture - your complete and up-to date net worth.

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