If you’re actively engaging with just three different types of crypto in your portfolio — or plan to in the future — then you’re in the right place. 

Today, people who are managing portfolios with three or more different crypto coins are encouraged to use a tracker to help them supervise their investments. 

Especially now that crypto is going mainstream, pretty much everyone who’s interested in this booming alternative asset is going to need some kind of tracker sooner or later. 

Sound like it’s time to do some shopping? 


Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of crypto trackers, such as:

  • 4 leading reasons having the right tracker is key for investors like yourself 
  • 5 of the best trackers for investors with crypto portfolios
  • How you can try the best all-around crypto portfolio tracker for free!

4 Reasons Having the Right Tracker is Key for Investors with Crypto Portfolios

Wondering why the conventional wisdom dictates that active investors use a tracker for their portfolios? 

Here are a bunch of reasons why having a great financial tracker is vital. 

Help Set and Meet Financial Goals

One of the key features of a financial tracker is that it organizes your scattered information into a single place where it’s easy to look at. 

By doing so, trackers make your financial information easier to understand and absorb. And when you’re able to better understand where your crypto holdings — and whatever other financials you’re tracking  — are, where they’re going, and how they interact; you’ll be in a better place to create and stick to well-informed financial goals.

Keep Your Portfolio Diversified

Diversification is a widely-respected rule among investors, and it’s no surprise why. Well-diversified portfolios are generally protected from major losses when markets experience their typical ups and downs and typically generate higher returns than poorly diversified portfolios. 

A good crypto tracker empowers crypto investors to branch out and pursue diversification without getting overwhelmed or losing track of all their various coins.

Always Understand the Value of your Crypto Holdings

The cryptocurrency market is an active one. The value of each coin fluctuates, sometimes wildly, every minute of every day. If you have several coins to keep an eye on, good luck flicking through a bunch of different exchanges to add up the value of your holdings before they change and you have to start all over. 

If you want to get a good picture of the value of all your different crypto coins before a major trade or just because, a robust tracker can enable you to do so at a glance.

Stay Aware of Market Changes and Opportunities

A comparatively young asset, crypto is volatile. Anyone who followed Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Elon Musk throughout spring 2021 could tell you that. 

And these wild swings, as well as other developments in the industry such as banks and other businesses hopping on the crypto bandwagon, can open up opportunities for investors who are looking to make a move. However, that’s something you can’t do when you don’t have an accurate view of your buying power. Get that kind of view fast, quick, and in a hurry with a powerful tracker for your crypto portfolio.

5 of The Best Trackers on the Market for Investors with Crypto Portfolios

So you wanna use your crypto investments to meet your financial goals, take advantage of cutting-edge opportunities, and more? 

Then it’s time to pick your player when it comes to tracking your crypto portfolio. 

Here are some of our faves.

Kubera: The Best All-In-One Tracker for Diverse Investors With More Than Just Crypto Portfolios

Kubera is truly an all-in-one portfolio tracker for crypto and more. 

Our app is powered by custom architecture that enables the Kubera dashboard to connect to banks, brokerages, exchanges, and other financial institutions all over the world (see the eve-updating list here!).

It’s this architecture that makes Kubera the most complete, modern wealth tracker for investors with crypto portfolios as well as cash reserves, physical collectibles, real estate investments, and far beyond

On top of our integrations with leading financial aggregators, we also work with leading asset experts (like EstiBot, Zillow, and more) so you can always see the up-to-the-minute value of your real estate, vehicle, and even domain investments in Kubera. 

And of course we didn’t forget about your investments in the traditional stock and crypto markets! 

To help you keep track of those, Kubera also includes tickers that you can add to your dashboard to monitor the performance of individual stocks and crypto coins.

We couldn't proudly call Kubera an all-in-one crypto+ tracker without one final feature — beautiful charts and visual analysis features that you can use to get a bird's eye view of overall asset performance, total net worth, and more.

kubera dashboard net worth

You don’t have to be the most active crypto investor in the world to use Kubera, you just have to have a desire to finally make your portfolio work for you instead of the other way around. 

See how you can do just that by taking Kubera for a free test drive or signing up for an affordable subscription today. 

Coinbase: For Those Just Getting Started With Their Crypto Portfolios

Coinbase is a great tracker for investors with crypto portfolios, specifically.

There are several features that make Coinbase an ideal fit for crypto investors who are just learning the ropes. The simple, clean design makes it easy to use; there is no shortage of helpful documentation from the company; and the platform even has an educational program from which users can earn crypto just for taking classes to learn about different coins! 

In addition to a simple-yet-clear dashboard that enables users to track their portfolio, Coinbase is also a cryptocurrency exchange with a wallet, meaning you can also invest in a wide variety of coins from right inside the app.

Here we’ll note that not every crypto tracker is also an exchange, but you’ll notice as you go through this list that it’s decently common among the more robust options. 

Blockfolio: For Investors Who Trade Based on the Latest in Crypto News

Supporting millions of users and thousands of types of cryptocurrencies, Blockfolio is a popular crypto-focused tracker as well as exchange.

As a tracker, Blockfolio enables investors to monitor and manage their crypto portfolio with features like growth charts, profit/loss comparisons, and more. But that’s not what sets it apart — what makes Blockfolio unique is how it lets investors tune into and take advantage of breaking crypto news.   

First, Blockfolio’s price alerts feature enables you to set up custom notifications so the moment a coin you’re watching reaches an ideal price, you can make a move. In addition, Blockfolio Signal lets investors get updates directly from their favorite coin teams, their news section features breaking crypto news from outlets like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph, and their customizable RSS feed means you can even choose which news you want to see! 

It’s these capabilities that make Blockfolio an ideal crypto-focused tracking tool for experienced investors who want to take advantage of breaking crypto trends. 

Accointing: For Simplifying Taxes as Well as Handling Crypto Portfolios 

Next up we have Accointing with one of the most interesting spins we’ve ever seen on a crypto tracker — it helps you file your taxes!  

When it comes to tracking crypto, Accointing lets you get an overview of your portfolio, create alerts, and keep an eye on both the overall market and specific coins in which you’re interested. But in addition, Accointing also makes it quite simple to create reports customized to your location and the information in your portfolio that you can use to more easily file taxes. 

Accointing sounds like a pretty complete option for investors who are heavy into crypto and like to take a DIY approach to tax season.

Delta: A Crypto Tracker for the Analytics-Obsessed Investor 

Last but not least we want to introduce you to Delta. 

What started as a pretty standard entry in the crypto tracker market has morphed a bit to become a standout when it comes to analytics. 

With Delta, investors can view analytics pertaining to different coins’ price movements over time, their own trade history, each asset’s source, the asset location, their most used exchanges, and more. 

Users can even analyze their favorite coins in more depth with direct links to coin websites, whitepapers, social media platforms, and beyond. 

And if you’re a true analytics fanatic, don’t worry — paying users can access even more metrics and analytics features.

Sign Up for The Crypto Portfolio Tracker With Every Feature You Need — Kubera

You may not already be actively managing three or more different types of crypto, but if you take our advice to keep diversifying your portfolio you very well could be quite soon! 

For the investor with assets as well-traveled as they are, there really is only one tracker for crypto and beyond — Kubera. 

Kubera was built by modern investors for modern inventors to help you monitor and manage a successful crypto+ portfolio without asset limitations, annoying ads, scary privacy concerns, or pushy salespeople. 

In fact, you can sign up for free today and see if it’s a fit for your own modern portfolio — or, dive right in and sign up for our affordable subscription.

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