There are a lot of personal finance apps on the market, but arguably the three most popular and well-known personal finance management apps are Mint, Personal Capital and You Need A Budget (YNAB).

Mint shows you where your money is going

Mint aggregates your bank accounts and analyses your spends, puts them into categories and shows you where your money is going. It calculates your average spending by category, and automatically creates a budget based on spending patterns. You can also create goals to save money little by little towards a big purchase or an upcoming expense. It also notifies you of upcoming bills and let your earmark money for them. Like Mint claims, you can conveniently manage your finances from one dashboard.

This is great for young people who are earning a regular paycheck for the first time and starting their “grown-up” life with all of the expenses and freedom to spend that comes with it. Mint can be eye-opening and help you see where you’re wasting a lot of money so you can get unnecessary overspending under control. 

Mint is a free tool. It generates revenue through advertisements.

YNAB gives every dollar a job

YNAB is a great budgeting tool and Personal Finance 101 tells us that having a budget is one of the most important steps we can take for financial life planning. It works on the Zero Based Budget concept where you give every dollar you earn a job. Basically, you allocate all of your budgeting dollars to different categories of your regular expenses and even towards a big, infrequent expense. Now that you have a plan you know exactly how much to spend on what and even if you overspend on something you know where you should go slow. YNAB also encourages you to slowly start spending less than what you earmarked for so that you reach a time when your last month’s pay is paying for your this month’s bill. Slowly you don’t live from paycheck to paycheck. 

Like YNAB rightly claims, the app doesn’t work because it’s pretty or because it has amazing tech. It works because it’s built around some rules and methods that you need to follow. YNAB is a useful budgeting tool but there is something of a learning curve. There is a lot more manual entry and manual updating required than with Mint. There are so many ins and outs of getting the hang of YNAB that there are various internet forums dedicated to it. 

Mint and YNAB are essentially Budgeting apps.

Personal Capital is an Online Financial Advisor

Personal Capital creates a dashboard to manage your finances showing your net worth, investment portfolio and your spending habits by linking your online banks and investment accounts. Their financial tools show you where you stand in terms of your investments and what can be done better and for retirement planning. Even a simple liquid fund right off the bat for you to start investing your cash. They also have financial advisors who can give you personalized advice for your next set of investments.

Personal Capital is basically an online financial advisor that uses both a robo-advisor algorithm and financial advisors. So while you can use Personal Capital’s free tools, the paid aspects will be heavily marketed to you.

Almost all personal finance apps work well only when you link your online accounts as the first step. Not everyone would be comfortable with it, but even if they are, not all assets have an online custodian.

Kubera tracks all your wealth in one place

Kubera offers the ease and familiarity of a spreadsheet for entering, updating and tracking all your investments, assets, debts and insurances in one place. You can connect  your online investment and bank accounts to fetch the values automatically and add additional details & documents for each item. 

Your assets are scattered across multiple custodians. It is no longer just real estate, stocks, bonds spread across multiple places. Assets like collectibles, precious metals, private investments, loans to family/friends, crypto, domain names, trademarks & other digital assets are also popular and you should be on top of all this. Kubera supports various types of assets and can give you complete asset tracking at a glance. 

Kubera has a Safe Deposit Box section, where you can upload and safekeep important documents like your will, power of attorney, photos ID’s, tax returns, Travel documents, rare photos, a video showing the secret place you stashed the keys to your safe (also handy if you forget!), audio notes to your loved ones, your treasure maps, anything you want!

As a user of Kubera, you can nominate a beneficiary to receive all this critical information in downloadable format (Excel and Zip) if you are inactive for a certain number of days and don’t respond to Kubera’s attempt to reach you. A fallback contact can also be optionally nominated to receive this mail, in case the Beneficiary fails to respond even after multiple reminders.

Kubera has no Ads. It does not sell your data to third parties - personal or aggregated. It runs on a straightforward subscription model.


Mint and YNAB are Budgeting apps.

Personal Capital is an Online Financial Advisor. 

Kubera is a Net Worth Tracker with modern features designed for this purpose - it’s simple to use, supports all kinds of assets, can connect to your online accounts, has storage for important documents and a unique sharing feature to ensure all this information goes to your beneficiary if something happens to you.

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